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The Joy of Discovering Your Butthole

Anonymous asked: Hi c: so I just discovered playing with my asshole and I was wondering if you had any other fun things I could try! Thank you, and I love your blog!


Well congratulations on discovering how much fun your butthole can be.

Its hard to know what ‘other’ things to tell you without knowing what you’ve already tried!

But(t) – fingers, tongues, penises, vibrating toys, and graduated plugs can all be fun in there.

Some people enjoy deep penetration, others like the feeling of spreading and stretching the butthole open with wider toys. Some like it to be ‘fucked’ (moving something in and out) and others just like how it feels for something to be sitting in there.

The only way you’ll know what you like is to try, and that’s the fun part :)

Edited: September 15th, 2014

Butts: Clean or Dirty?

Question via Tumblr: Do you lady’s clean your ass holes first? I became disappointed to find out most pornography in the “ass cleaning” business actually clean the ass before having it “cleaned” how do you and the people you work with do it? Ps. I prefer a kinda dirty b-hole ;)

Imagine having near strangers all up in your genitals and a high definition camera zoomed in so close your pores are visible, knowing thousands if not millions may see it. Seriously, imagine that for a minute. That’s why (most) porn stars are a bit obsessive about cleanliness in that area. They’re generally trying to avoid embarrassment, being seen/experienced as smelling/tasting bad and (with anal) dealing with a mess. It can be awkward, and I’ve heard of (some) guys in boy-girl anal scenes getting all grossed out and judge-y. That doesn’t make a girl feel sexy and then makes the scene less hot. Plus to be freshly shaved and have nice looking hair, that usually requires a shower first, even for those of us who aren’t so concerned.

I personally prefer a person’s natural smells and tastes. As if they went to work all day and came home and that’s just how they are. Or (if I’m REALLY attracted to them) if they went to the gym and skipped a shower after.

For our sites like, we let the girls do whatever they want. They’re the ones with their mouths all up in there. Some do nothing, others baby wipe their buttholes. Occasionally a girl is so worried she even does an enema just to have her ass licked. That’s rare, but it has happened.

For my site, I usually tell the girls that I’d rather they didn’t clean so much but to do whatever makes them comfortable. When I say that, some girls are like, “Oh, okay cool” and others still prefer to baby wipe. If they DO baby wipe, I have them at least rinse it off with water after because I’d rather taste nothing than the flavor of cleaning chemicals. As a courtesy, if a girl wipes her ass I’ll usually do mine too, just to make her comfortable. Its more important to me that a girl feel comfortable “letting go” and being (socially) dirty than the physicality of it, because you can’t see a taste or smell. But you CAN see if she’s worried or grossed out and it makes for a less sexy scene.

When I’m shooting with Terry, I do nothing at all. I am how I am. But that’s how we both prefer it anyway. When we shot his anal DVD, we told them not to do enemas unless it was a REALLY big deal to them. One of of four did. A couple were a bit anxious about it, but we said if it became an issue we’d stop and clean up and it wasn’t a big deal to us. And that made them feel better.

Moral of the story is, if you want a girl to be dirtier (whether physically or socially – doing things seen as “dirty”), she’s gotta feel like she’s not going to be looked at differently because of it.

But just like some people have super clean houses (I’m NOT one of those), some of them are just going to prefer being clean.

Edited: May 19th, 2014

An Embarrassing Story: Why You Should Only Use Toys Made For Your Butt, In Your Butt

People like to put all kinds of things in their orifices…

And sex educators always like to say its smartest & safest to use toys with a flared base in the butt so they don’t get lost. Kinda like this:

But I think we’ve all heard of situations that ended up more like this:

Fortunately those x-rays are not of MY butt. BUTT I did come close… listen to the hilariously embarrassing story for the details!

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Edited: April 17th, 2014

Better Butt Licking

Question via Tumblr: Do u have any advice on how I can improve my ass licking on my girlfriend? I love her ass and worship it everyday. Face sitting is the best. Her ass tastes so good but I want to know if their r some techniques I could use to get her have more pleasure? It’s all about her.

Ask her. Everyone’s different. Some people like more liking on the outside, some more deeper inside. Let her masturbate while you do it if she likes. Have her watch her favorite porn while you do it, if she enjoys that. Or read aloud dirty stories. It really depends on her – ask her what makes her feel good and be creative with ways of combining with your pleasures.

Edited: March 14th, 2014

All About Butts!

Today I’m talking buttsex – answering listener questions about:

- Deep anal penetration
- Opening up the ass
- And when she should get her orgasm

And check out my free anal sex guide to learn exactly how I do it here!

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Edited: February 26th, 2014

What’s Anal Like For Her?

Yay! My first post in a couple weeks. Well, I recorded a bunch of podcasts to post while I was away at the Adult Entertainment Expo. But due to some technical difficulties they’re just going up now.


So today hear all about anal sex from the world’s biggest porn star’s perspective: Jenna Jameson. According to her autobiography, she never had anal sex on camera – but DID do it in her personal life.

I recently finished her new erotic novel, Sugar, whose main character is a former porn star and is (obviously) based on Jenna’s personal experiences.

In the book is a great scene where she has anal sex with the guy she’s seeing for the first time. In this podcast we have a bit of story time, I read part of the passage with you and share what anal is really like for some women, like Jenna (and me!).

If you want to put your dick (or fingers, or toys, or whatever) into a chick’s butt for fun, you’ll probably get a lot farther if you can relate!

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+ enjoy some Vines from AEE!

Edited: January 22nd, 2014

Is It Safe to Lick My Girlfriend’s Ass?

Question via Tumblr: You’ve more than likely answered questions about this before, but any advice for practicing safe analingus? Me and my girlfriend are very concerned about me getting sick from licking her butt. After some reading I did earlier I’m worried about getting her sick from like moving from her ass to vagina (I read that can lead to a nasty infection). I really want to eat out her butthole but it really doesn’t seem like it’s worth the risk!

Dirtiness is people’s primary fear about the butt.  Everyone has their own limits for the area.  Some will only lick the area after a shower – but on the flip side, I get emails from guys who want to lick a girl’s ass right after she goes #2 (termed “human toilet paper”).  

It is absolutely possible to have safe butt play and stay healthy.  If you’re really wary of it, she could do an enema to clean out her insides, then take a shower to clean the surface before you lick.  But unless that’s what you both need to be comfortable, its really not necessary.  I’ve had my ass licked more times than I could count in the last 5.5 years with my husband, and with him I never do any preparation.  He’s never gotten sick from that.  And I’ve never gotten sick from ass to mouth (sucking his dick after its been in my butt).  As a courtesy, I clean my butt before doing it on film with another girl – I don’t really care, but she often does.  

While poop is definitely not sanitary, its not going to kill you either.  We come into contact with fecal matter all the time – studies find its all over hotel rooms and not uncommon on cash and credit cards.  That’s why I try to be careful & avoid touching anything the public uses (like the credit card swipe machine, gas pumps, etc.).  There are even people with a “human toilet” fetish, who either pay dominatrixes or have really open minded wives & girlfriends who go to the bathroom in their mouth.  Some even eat it and live to tell.  I research fetishes online a lot, and have come across several forums where guys and dominatrixes discuss this practice.  I don’t know enough to conclude that’s safe – but clearly the trace amount you may find on her won’t cause any major issues.

The major risk of going from ass to pussy is for penetration.  You don’t want to bring bacteria from inside the ass to inside the vagina, because it can cause a yeast infection or urinary tract infection.  That’s not the end of the world either though, if you ever do, she should pee (to clear out the urinary tract) and douche w/1 cup water + 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide after (and 1-2 days after to be safe, to clear out the vagina).  As far as licking, even if your tongue were going as far up her ass as possible, and as far up her pussy as possible – you’re not going to pick up THAT much bacteria that its a problem.  If you’re only licking the surface of each (no tongue penetration), that’s even less likely.  Terry always goes back and forth between licking my pussy and ass, and neither of us have had issues directly from that.  I’m pretty sensitive to yeast infections, so if it caused a problem I definitely would know.  Of course every body is different, so if she ever comes down with an infection after – just adjust to be more squeaky clean in the future.

So, happy licking!  

Edited: November 13th, 2013

How to Have Anal Sex – Pain From Anal Yeast Infection

Knowing how to have anal sex that feels great means dealing with challenges that come up… like anal yeast infections.

They’re not fun in general. And they make me, who LOVES anal sex, want to run away screaming.

If she has one, she will too.

Listen to how I’ve dealt with anal yeast infections quickly & easily so I could get back to ENJOYING my booty.

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Edited: September 17th, 2013

How to Have Anal Sex: Pain From Anal Fissures, Ouchie!

One of the biggest complaints women have about how to have anal sex is pain.

Even the best technique won’t help if she’s got an anal fissure, a (hopefully) small tear in her rectum or on her butthole.

Anyone can get one, so if she’s complaining of pain – it could be this. Tune in and find out how she can heal her bootypain and make anal sex fun & enjoyable.

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Edited: September 11th, 2013

How to Have Anal Sex for a Beginner

She wants to know how to have anal sex for “intense pleasure.”

Question via Tumblr:

My ex & I have been hooking up. Last time we were doing doggystyle & he said “I wanna put my finger in your ass. Okay?” I was so into it I said yes. I’ve never had that done & we only previously tried anal sex once a few years ago. He went in & out twice until I told him to stop. This time I was so hot I let him put his finger in it. I had already been contemplating trying anal sex again with him because more & more porn I’ve been watching by myself has a lot of anal.

So he lubed up with spit (I know spit isn’t enough for anal) and was fingering my ass & finally got his dick in. It wasn’t so bad at first but I think because he only used spit it started drying & started hurting. I asked him to stop but he said no. I pleaded & he said no. Finally I moved up to pull it out. I was kinda mad at this point because it hurt & he didn’t listen. He said sorry sorry let me fuck your pussy. I know you’re not supposed to go back to front but in the moment I allowed it.

My questions are what is the best lube for anal? I won’t allow back to front again but is it horrendous that it happened one time? Also are there any tips you can give for (practically) first time anal? Although I’ve had it in my ass twice now this last time was about only a minute. I want to feel that ‘intense’ pleasure from anal I hear about.

Check out my free anal sex guide for tons of anal tips, from start to finish. If you’re new to anal and really motivated to enjoy it, I’d recommend practicing on your own with fingers or toys first. It does take some getting used to, but feels REALLY GOOD when you do it right.

Of all the tips though, the most important thing is to do it with a partner that respects your boundaries. If it hurts, the action needs to stop. No questions asked. Its up to you to be clear – if you’re going to do it again, I’d suggest telling him you’d like to try anal but you need it to go at your pace. My partner and I played with fingers and licking a bunch of times before he ever got his dick inside. The anus stretches with penetration, and if you do too much too soon you can cause permanent damage. With practice, it will take less warm up time because the muscles will be used to opening up. At all times, but especially when its new, your partner needs to respect your boundaries. If they won’t — find a new playmate. (If your ex continues to act that way – ask yourself, “Isn’t he my ex for a reason?”)

I only use spit for anal, but you have to keep reapplying. My guy will keep pulling out to lick my ass and/or put spit on his dick & on my butthole. Once you do this several times in a row you can keep going for a little while before you need more. I’d usually recommend using lube to start though – preferably organic or natural, no glycerine, aspartame, or parabens. I like Good Clean Love myself.

Front to back isn’t a great idea, but I do it on occasion. Afterwards douche with 1-2 cups of water + 1-2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide. Its the same pH as the vagina and will prevent infection.

Edited: July 8th, 2013

How to Have Anal Sex for Him – Intro to Strap-On Ass Play

Listener questions on how to have anal sex for him!

Why do guys enjoy strap on sex? Do the techniques I use for anal in my anal sex guide work for male recipients of anal pleasure too? What’s a woman to do with a strap on?

If you’re interested in reversing roles and trying something new, listen below for some beginner tips on strap on play!

Leave a comment and share any strap on how to have anal sex tips!

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Edited: March 24th, 2013

How to Have Anal Sex – With Porn Star Sarah Shevon

If you want to learn how to have anal sex, anal-loving porn star Sarah Shevon can teach you a thing or two.

Why? Because she REALLY enjoys having a thing or two inside her ass. A long time fan of anal fisting, Sarah Shevon recently discovered pleasure in ‘double anal’ – not one, but TWO dicks in her ass at the same time.

Impressed? Horrified? Believe it or not, Sarah loves anal so much its her preferred form of sex with a guy. She regularly has orgasms from extreme ass play, enjoying the intensity.

So if you’ve been wondering how to have anal sex, listen to this podcast. Even if you only want a finger up your ass, with all her experience you will definitely learn something from anal sex pro Sarah Shevon!

Hear my first interview with Sarah here.

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Edited: January 27th, 2013

How to Have Anal Sex – She Wants It, Butt…

Learning how to have anal sex is a process – most couples don’t get it perfect right away.

A man wrote in and asked:

My girlfriend and I have had anal sex several times, but it only lasts for a couple minutes before she turns from feeling very comfortable with it to not being into it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, she enjoys it the same way I do. We just wonder why it goes from feeling comfortable to being uncomfortable for her.

What’s going on and what should they do? Listen and learn:

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Anything I missed? Share your anal sex lessons and leave a comment!

Edited: October 21st, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex: Is Female Orgasm Possible From Butt Sex?

How to Have Anal Sex – Female orgasm can happen for some women, but not all.

How to Have Anal Sex: Is Female Orgasm Possible… by kelseysextips

Edited: October 10th, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex – What Happens When it Goes Wrong?

Learning how to have anal sex isn’t always fun and games.

I got this question from a (female) reader:

So I had anal sex for the first time and the next day I was sore. When I went to the bathroom and did #2, there was blood. Is that normal?

This is an unfortunately common problem when anal sex isn’t done right. Hear my response, and how to avoid anal sex pain (and make it feel really good!) in the future:

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Edited: September 9th, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex Tips: Watch Your Diet, What Goes in Must Come Out

If you want to know how to have anal sex that feels good, pay attention to the poop chute:

For a pleasurable anal sex experience, it’s important for both of you to eat a diet rich fiber, raw vegetables and fruit rather than processed foods.

Regular bowel movements are conducive to both comfort and confidence when it comes to anal sex. Adult film stars about to engage in anal sex always undergo enemas beforehand to ensure no “slip-ups.”

So make sure that your diet is a healthy one and, although fiber is recommended, try to avoid eating it for a few hours before you’re set to engage in anal sex.

Technically not required for the “giver” (unless they’re into butt play too), but for the “receiver” – a healthier diet does make butt sex more comfortable. Enemas are an option to keep it cleaner, but they’re not mandatory – especially if you ‘go’ regularly, the anal canal is a lot cleaner than most people think.

Edited: April 11th, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex Tips: If You Don’t Know Your Partner’s STD Status, Use a Condom

How to have anal sex that’s safe – get tested first, or use a condom:

Anal sex carries with it a much greater risk of passing on sexually transmitted diseases than vaginal sex. Because the anus isn’t made to be penetrated, the chances of a small tear occurring are much higher, and that little opening is like a welcome mat to diseases. Condoms offer protection, but condoms are more likely to break or come off during anal sex, so this form of sex is definitely riskier unless both parties are absolutely disease free.

Remember, oil-based lubes can cause latex condoms to break, so water-based lube is best for safe butt sex.

Edited: April 2nd, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex: Understand Anal Anatomy

Know what you’re fucking – its hard to know how to have anal sex without understanding how the butt works:

Understand That There are 2 Sphincters

There are two sphincter muscles in the anus (if you place your finger inside about inch deep and press against the side, you’ll feel them), and they are less than an inch apart.

While you can control the external sphincter at will, the internal sphincter is not the same. It reacts more in a reflexive way. So while your partner may assure you that she’s relaxed and willing, her internal sphincter may prove otherwise.

The point is that you need to be patient and give your partner time to learn how to relax and try different positions to make it happen.

Edited: March 23rd, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex Tip: Pay Attention to Physical Hygiene

Usually when you hear about how to have anal sex and hygiene, you’d assume we’re talking about poo.

But there are other important ways to stay clean:

Make sure that your partner has clean and cut fingernails before starting to explore, in order to avoid scratching or passing bacteria. You can then move on to exploring with sex toys, or move on to… anal sex with your partner.

True of any sex, but especially important for butt sex – the anal canal is made of delicate tissue that can tear much easier than the pussy. Tears are not only painful, but can make it easier to pass STDs.

Edited: March 8th, 2012