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Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Today’s porn review features’s Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica


Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Released in 2011, one of many bound gangbang scenes produced by What’s awesome, though, is you don’t need a membership to their site to view single scenes. If you’re like me and don’t care to commit to a specific membership site, this is a great alternative. The scene is 70 minutes long starring Jade Indica and 5 unnamed guys, though one is obviously James Deen.

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Summary: The scene begins with a female interviewing Indica, POV style, asking her about her gangbang and abduction fantasies. The actual scene begins with her masturbating in bed, and cuts back and forth between this and the gangbang, implying this is what she’s masturbating about. In her fantasy, Jade is abducted in a van and taken to an industrial-looking building. She puts up a fight, and they start by bullying her, making her suck their dicks, ripping her clothes off and rubbing her pussy. She gets tied up and suspended from the ceiling, and later is bound in shackles. The 4 of the dudes take turns fucking her while she sucks off the 5th, then another one enters her ass to fill up all her holes at once. 4 guys hold her up while the 5th holds a vibrator up to her clit. They make her call herself a whore and force her to do dirty things and cum from the vibrator. While she’s getting pussy fucked, a couple of the guys take turns forcing analingus. The scene ends with all 5 cumming on Jade’s pretty face, and an interview afterwards about the experience.

Includes abduction, bondage, humiliation, masturbation with hands and a vibrator, rough sex, anal sex, blow jobs, blow bang, pussy sex, gangbang, double penetration, ass licking, female orgasm, facials, and a pre- and post-scene interview with the star.

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

The Highlights:
- Honestly, the image on the cover sold it for me. I was browsing AEBN’s most watched videos and saw a picture that could have come straight from my fantasies.

- I love the pre- and post-scene interview. Lets the viewer know the star was into it, even in an unconsensual fantasy. Jade says her fantasy is to feel “overwhelmed by cock,” and that fantasy was definitely fulfilled.

- Jade clearly enjoys guys, and having multiple at once. My favorite part was where they forced her to cum with a vibrator, while also cutting to scenes of her masturbating with a vibrator at “home.”

- The guys were attractive enough – I wasn’t repulsed by any of them. James Deen is always a plus.

- I came 3 times watching it.

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Room for Improvement?
- Too long, in my opinion. I’d already came 3 times at 40 minutes into it, but I wanted to see the end – for the sake of my own curiosity and writing this review. I kept watching but got a little bored. I’d say either do fewer different acts/parts of the scene, or shorten each component to be 30-40 minutes total.

- I felt a strange feeling this way, but maybe 10-15 minutes in I was wishing she’d struggle more – with a deeper emphasis on the unconsensual aspect of the fantasy. That’s what was appealing to me, as someone with these fantasies, is that I could actually see it on screen and know the person was indeed consenting. After awhile, it almost seemed like a regular old gangbang scene. But in the interview at the end, she says she “almost wanted to act out more” but “I figured it would probably hurt somebody. I didn’t want to hurt anybody.” This is why its a good idea to discuss limits before doing a BDSM scene, so you know exactly how far you can go (on both ends).

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

The Final Verdict:
Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica is a great sampling of the quality BDSM and fetish work from I haven’t seen anything like this before, so I was pleasantly surprised how much it brought to life a fantasy I’ve had for awhile. It feels good to see what’s been in your head show up on screen. Jade enjoyed herself and made me want to be there – being ravaged by 5 dudes using me in a way that gives me insane pleasure. I’d recommend to any guy into being dominant, and while its not your typical porn for women, kinky chicks could definitely get off on it too.

Edited: January 2nd, 2012

Porn Ruins Men: Same Shit, Different Study

Men who use internet porn are ‘likely to become hopeless in the bedroom’


Its the same old Victorian fear of too much sex… nevermind we’re biologically programmed to fuck our brains out. My boyfriend watches porn almost every day. In my opinion, it makes our sex better.


I’d be curious about their research methods. According to sociologist/ “pornologist” Dr. Chauntelle, anti-porn studies are often methodologically flawed, meaning they collect crappy data and over-generalize.


Somebody call anti-porn feminists Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon – who teamed up with religious conservatives in attempt to outlaw porn in the 80s. Back then the craptastic research showed viewing porn was directly related to sexual assault against women. Those findings were later invalidated… I’m sure these will be too.

Edited: November 2nd, 2011

Breaking News: Women Like Sex Too!

Are Women More Sexually Adventurous Than Men?”

“Women have for so long been constructed in our society as prudes who restrict the sexual expression of their male partners, and I think this survey shows that, in our sample of women, that just isn’t the case.”

So what do they want to try? Well, here are some common Female Sexual Fantasies:
1. Sex with a stranger. In a 2001 study published by The Journal of Sex Research, 80 percent of partnered women said they had fantasized about someone other than their partner during sex in the previous two months. Why? Because, while sex within the context of monogamy can be totally hot, it’s hard to replicate the intensity of the initial chase. Fantasizing about someone new is a way of recalling how fantastic it felt to be so obviously pursued.
1. Being dominant in bed. While it may seem counterintuitive for a woman to want to take charge when what they’re really craving is the feeling of being desired, the dominatrix scenario actually revolves around the man worshipping the woman’s body, and begging her for attention.
2. Exhibitionism. In this scenario, a woman not only gets to enjoy sex with her partner, but also gets to enjoy the knowledge that someone else (or several someones?) is feeling aroused by watching her in action.
3. Being sexually ravaged. Sometimes known as rape fantasy, this particular desire is not necessarily what you think. How many spicy hot movie scenes have you enjoyed in which the man pushed the woman up against the wall, forcing a kiss upon her? The thought of a man so bursting with desire is an undeniably a turn on for some women.
4. Enjoying a threesome. Being worshipped and adored by two different men — or a man and a woman — can be twice as nice.

I regularly fantasize about all of the above… except no strangers. Instead, its an occasional fling with my boyfriend’s friend(s) (yes, he knows I do this).

Edited: October 28th, 2011

Fuck me, NOW: Perspectives

Bossy Women Don’t Get Sex, Despite Their Constant Demands


Moral of the story?  No-one wants to have sexual intercourse with a control-freak. Amazing. Next week, study reveals woodland area to be primary defecation area for bears.


My tantra teacher would undoubtedly add the following:

Women who are constantly working to take control are out of touch with their feminine energy… if they’re a predominantly feminine-energy person, that is.  (Some women “naturally” have a masculine energy – this probably doesn’t apply to them.)  If a feminine woman is alienated from her femininity, she won’t feel as sexual, and if her partner is attracted to her femininity then they won’t want sex so much either.


“The more decisions a women reported making on her own, as compared to joint decision making, the less likely she was to have sex and the longer it was since she last had sexual intercourse.”

An obvious conclusion: These women are exhausted.  No wonder they’re not having sex.

A social structural explanation: The skills women learn to get ahead in the career world don’t necessarily create a happy home life.  Nonetheless, if she wants to succeed in the workforce, she has to masculinize herself.  Sorry to say though, most heterosexual men don’t want their partner to be the boss of them.  They already have one at work.  The simple solution?  Men, help your women more.  Women, ask for some freaking help.  One person can’t do it all (and why would you want to?).  That’s why we create these things called families… so we can support one another.  In an ideal world, anyway.


My additional $0.02 — There’s something intimate about making decisions together.  You’re actively shaping your life with another human being.  If one partner (regardless of gender) is overly controlling, then the other won’t feel free to be themselves.  To me, an ideal relationship is one where life is co-created, where both (all) partners’ opinions are valued, and both (all) partners’ being is honored.  When one partner has too much control, the other will shrink back.  And of course their sex life will suffer.  Sexual problems are often a symptom of a larger relationship issue.  If you’re not connected on sex, where are you connected?  Start outside the bedroom (playroom, dungeon, wherever you fuck) to work your way back in.

Edited: October 1st, 2011