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Mysteries of the Female Body: The Clitoris – Its More Than You Think

Hard to believe the female body was so uncharted it took until 2009 for scientists to get a real grip on the clitoris.

That is, according to this article and the Museum of Sex.

There’s a lot more to the clitoris than you may know. On many women its easy to find the little “button” that sticks out, but the clitoris encompasses a whole network of nerves, most of which are under the skin:

Female Body: Clitoris

Female Body: Clitoris

Female Body: Clitoris

Female Body: Clitoris

Want to learn more about the female anatomy? Check out Sheri Winston’s book. I read it last summer and was AMAZED at how much I didn’t know about my own body! She’s got great sex tips on how to stimulate the WHOLE clitoral area to give yourself (or your woman) amazing pleasure.

Edited: January 31st, 2012

Communication Sex Tip: How to Change Your Sex Life Without Hurting Your Partner’s Feelings

Communication is the glue that holds relationships together, but its a delicate situation when one partner isn’t satisfying the other “in bed.”

Especially when its been YEARS of unsatisfying sex. Always better to communicate from Day 1, but if its too late for you, check out Em and Lo’s relationship advice. This doesn’t just go for how to eat pussy – use these communication techniques for ANY aspect of your sex life that isn’t going your way.

Dear Em & Lo,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I’m 21, he’s 28. He’s the only person to ever perform oral sex on me, so while I have no one to compare him too, I know that he is bad at oral sex. He pushes his entire face on my lady region and just moves side to side, as if that is supposed to feel good. He hardly uses his tongue and I don’t think he even understands he needs to focus on the clit. After 3 years, I have no idea how to tell him that he’s not doing it right. Help!?— Suffering in Silence

Dear SiS,

Oh dear. We’re tempted to tell you to dump this guy and start over with a new one, because it’s a million times harder to teach an old partner new tricks. This is in large part because there’s no easy way to say, “You’ve been screwing up for three years and I just never got around to telling you.” How would his ego ever recover from such a blow? How would he ever know to trust your sexual response in bed again? This is why we emphasize again and again and again the importance of communication in bed from the out-set — not to mention the importance of never faking.

But maybe he’s a good guy. Maybe you really love him. We’re going to assume you do, as there’s obviously a reason you stuck with him despite godawful oral. First off, it’s important that you lose the attitude (are we wrong in sensing a little attitude in the phrase as if that is supposed to feel good?). How on earth is he supposed to know what feels good if you never tell him? Maybe his last girlfriend didn’t like clitoral attention during oral (some ladies don’t) and that’s why he’s shying away from yours. Or maybe no woman has ever had the decency to tell him how to do it, which means he’s flailing away down there like a wind-up toy.

Once you’ve accepted that you’re as much, if not more, to blame as he is, you can start your gentle campaign to reeducate him. The next time he goes down on you,ask him — as if it’s a thought that just occurred to you — to focus on your clitoris. When he gets there, give him feedback — faster, slower, harder, softer, a little to the left, etc. And when he gets it right, go crazy with the positive feedback: moan, call his name, say yes, whatever works for you.The next time he goes down on you, offer a different specific suggestion of something he might try. Again, guide him gently and go nuts when he gets it right. Don’t try to change his entire approach in one session — after all, you’ve waited three years, what’s another few weeks?

Oh, and next time you’re going down on him, why not ask what he’d like you to do? Just in case, you know, he’s been suffering in silence for three years too. Kidding! (Sort of.)

– Em & Lo

Edited: January 30th, 2012

Relationship Advice: Let Go of Judgment to Create More Fun and Intimacy

Dr. Dain Heer’s relationship advice doesn’t just apply to sex, but to ALL areas of life. When we judge ourselves and our partners, we block the very things we may be yearning for.

This chiropractor-turned-“consciousness teacher” considers how judgment limits our sex and financial lives, and the magic that happens when we let go:

Dain Heer: See what most people need to do is actually be willing to be more outrageous. And when I say that it means be willing to be whoever you want to be in that moment, not caring who else is going to judge you. Because what most of us do is we limit ourselves based on the judgments we thing we’ll receive. “Oh my god, I couldn’t have sex with that many people, I’d be a slut.” “Oh my god, I couldn’t have that much money, my family would hate me or my family would want to take it all or they’d expect me to give it to them.” See we have all these reasons and justifications for the things we don’t allow ourselves to have, like the copulation and the orgasm and the money. So the other thing that you can do is you can make a list of every reason and justification you have for not having ten orgasms a day, or ten sexual partners and for not having triple the income, what are all the reasons and justifications? And then take it and say, “You know what, I destroy and uncreate all this stuff”, and let it go, burn it, shred it, step on it, whatever you have to do so you know, “You know what, I’m starting anew here.”

Dr. Patti Taylor: And you teach this stuff, huh?

Dain Heer: Yes, yes, and we teach it and we also show people, and we go through, we do these clearings with them on this and all kinds of other weird ways in which we lock ourselves up so that you can actually be there with somebody, look in their eyes and have no judgment of them or their body, you have no judgment of you or your body because how many people are actually comfortable being seen naked? Okay, and you have this willingness to explore that is such a gift, and when you’re in that willingness to explore together it’s hot…it’s not just, “Okay, I  had one orgasm and got off”, it’s like why would you stop at one? It’s like you have one and then you play and do something else and then you have another one and you play and do something else and, you know, more and more and more, and it starts to become this orgasmic creation between the two of you, when you come out of judgment and out of all of your points of view of the past.

More on Creating More Sex, Orgasm, Fun and Money in Your Life here.

Edited: January 27th, 2012

Relationship Problems? Be Grateful!

The best thing to do when you’re having relationship problems is to practice gratitude.

Yeah, right.

No, seriously. I don’t mean gratitude for your relationship problems. Those suck. I mean gratitude for your partner.

I know, its probably the last thing on your mind. You may feel more like FUCK YOU than THANK YOU, but its the latter that’ll get you through.

How you do anything is how you do everything. Get an extra tall glass of water, because it can be a tough pill to swallow. If you turn into a bitch or an asshole the moment a discussion turns into a heated debate, it communicates to your partner that they’re not worthy of your respect or consideration. Remember what it is you like or love about your partner – that’s why you’re together, and what will motivate you to stay present with them when relationship problems arise.

It doesn’t mean you ignore your problems. Address them, but from a place of clarity rather than anger or frustration.

The better you are at your worst means you’ll have an even better best.

Edited: January 26th, 2012

How to Eat Pussy: Pussy Licking as Foreplay OR as Her Main Event?

Part of learning how to eat pussy is understanding what it means to her


I don’t know any woman who dislikes cunnilingus, though I’m sure she exists somewhere. While oral sex will get many women off – far more than penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse – don’t assume that’s what she prefers.

For the last several months, I’ve been filming myself and other beautiful girls licking pussy. We talk with the receiver about what she enjoys and follow her instruction to bring her to an amazing orgasm (or two, or three…).

Here’s a secret: I’ve only orgasmed from oral sex twice. I love oral sex, and I’d love to orgasm from it more. Emotional issues and the way I’m used to orgasming from masturbation has made it, let’s say, a challenge for oral to be IT for me. In creating my pussy licking videos, I picked up a major how to eat pussy lesson: cunnilingus doesn’t have to be my main course to enjoy it.

Kartier Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

Kartier Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

Some women like it as ‘foreplay’ to what really brings them to female orgasm. Black lesbian Kartier, for instance, LOVES oral sex but enjoys other acts too. She was very vocal about her preferences, and when we shot her scene we started with pussy licking, then moved on to fingering – leading her to squirting, and making her female orgasm by rubbing her clit with my very wet finger tip.

Summer Bailey, on the other hand, gets off from cunnilingus quickly and easily. Another woman who knows what she likes, Summer gave me explicit instruction and I had her legs clenched around my face in orgasm in less than 3 minutes!

Summer Bailey Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

Summer Bailey Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

The moral of the story is: Don’t assume you know what she wants. Part of knowing how to eat pussy is understanding what role it plays in her arousal and pleasure. It could simply be a turn on, where she prefers to orgasm with a vibrator, hand, or something else. It could be her main squeeze. How will you know how to eat HER pussy? Ask, and if she doesn’t know, have fun helping her learn about her body!

Edited: January 24th, 2012

Reader Question: Is My Pussy Too Small to Fit a Penis?

Got a question from a young woman this week, concerned that a dick won’t fit into her pussy:

I’m 19 years old and still a virgin (saving it!). I had always been interested to sex, I’ve been watching movies and porns for the sake of pleasure since I’m not getting it, I can’t get it for now. As I’ve seen on those things that I watched, it seems like my pussy is quite small than the usual. My mom is also telling me this before. It’s quite small, maybe because of the thing that I do whenever I feel horny, it’s either I put something in between my legs then clasp, or just my legs alone squeezing my pussy til i’m off. Now, I’m worried if a penis can fit in to it? It’s like a pussy of a 6 years old, it looks like. Ugh. Can a penis fit on my pussy? I’m really worried by this, :(

My response:
Pussies come in all sizes and shapes, so its possible yours is on the smaller end. I imagine you mean the opening of the vagina (the hole) is smaller than what you’ve seen on porn. Keep in mind that vaginas are very flexible – they’re made to stretch so wide a baby’s head can fit through, so chances are yours will be able to accommodate a penis.

Since you’re a virgin, I recommend playing with fingers or a dildo to stretch it open. It does loosen up a bit with penetration, so practice is the best way to make sure a penis can fit (and fit in a way that it feels good!). If you’re not doing so already, start with a finger, build up to 2 or 3, and work your way up to an average sized dildo. Once that fits in fine, you can try bigger toys if you’re feeling adventurous.

The way you masturbate won’t make it small, but if you’re tensing and squeezing the muscles very tight in that area, it can also make penetration more difficult. Try doing yoga or stretching out in the hip and thigh area, as this will relax your pussy as well. You can also do kegel exercises, squeezing your PC muscles (the vagina muscles) and holding for 10 seconds, then relaxing for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times, 1-3 times per day. For you, the relaxation is the most important part. I used masturbate the same way, and stretching+kegels have helped me learn to relax the area.

Edited: January 23rd, 2012

Relatonship Advice: Sexual Fantasy and Being Present

What role should sexual fantasy play in your relationship?

Sex columnist Isadora Alman gives her relationship advice:

Over my years as an advice columnist I have frequently been asked about fantasies – whether they are normal, whether it’s “okay” to have them, when are they okay and what kind are acceptable. I always reassure that, indeed, fantasies are normal and that they do not necessarily encompass a wish to translate them into reality. Another common fear is “What does it mean when I have such a fantasy?” The answer is no more than “You have an active imagination.”

There is a long ago New Yorker cartoon, artist unknown to me, of an older couple lying in bed stiffly and staring at the ceiling. That caption reads “What’s the matter? Can’t you think of anyone either?” Many find the situation all too familiar. I have never found it funny. This cartoon depicts the one instance in which I do not endorse a familiar fantasy.

Many of the readers who sought reassurance about fantasizing did so with the express description of having them during partnered sex, usually explaining (complaining?) that she or he was unable to get aroused or reach orgasm without this aid. “So is this okay?” Well, no it isn’t. Not with me – professionally or personally. There has to be something better than two people having sex with each other while their minds are active elsewhere.

I’m not at all saying that fantasies about others, real or imagined, do not have their place in the life of anyone with a rich imagination. Enjoy them in private. When you are in bed and about to connect your body with the person with whom you have chosen to share your life, I recommend that you make that extra bit of effort to be present fully for the event. You both will enjoy it more.

Edited: January 20th, 2012

Female Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman

Can female orgasm save the Western world?

Nicole Daedone thinks so.

Edited: January 19th, 2012

What Happened to Her Sex Drive?

I got several articles in my inbox this week with the same story: She used to want sex in the beginning, now she doesn’t. What’s a guy to do?

Well, don’t make her sign a sex contract. That’ll kill anybody’s libido.

First, understand where she may be coming from. There are many reasons for a low sex drive that guys don’t realize.

Next, talk to her about it! If she doesn’t want sex, there’s something going on with her and/or your relationship. Low sex drive is often a symptom, not the problem.

Edited: January 18th, 2012

Want Passionate Sex? Live a Passionate Life


In my experience, all great sex is fueled by passion.

Passionate Sex

So is a great life. It comes from the same place within us.

Ever have that feeling when you’re excited to be alive? When you wake up and can’t wait to live your day? Have a flash of inspiration you couldn’t wait to take action on? A sense that THIS (whatever it is) is what life is all about?

That’s passion. You can’t fake passion (watch a craptastic porn and that’s all the evidence you need).

Passion is emotion so intense you feel it coursing through your veins. Your body trembles with excitement. You want to scream from a mountaintop. You feel like a kid again, maybe like this one:

If your relationship is lacking passionate sex, there’s a good chance passion is missing elsewhere. Life is “holistic” – your sex life is connected to your relationships, finances, health. Passion, I believe, is what is referred to as “life force energy” in tantric circles – the energy that drives us to create, be it new life, a business, friendship, or a painting.

Taylore Ashlie and Susie Bright have both written about how sexuality and creativity emerge from the same part of our being. When you let life run you, when you’re victim to circumstance, its the opposite of creation. Self-helpers like to say, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” I’d add, if you’re not creating, you’re dying.

I believe we’re all here for a purpose, but in US culture we’re not encouraged to discover it – or create it – for ourselves. People slog through life like a shift at a minimum wage job, dying without ever living. We each have unique gifts, and we all have the capacity to make the world a better place. And I believe most of us have the desire – but we lack the faith, confidence in ourselves.

The mental-physical-emotional-spiritual experience of passion is what connects us to the deepest levels of ourselves. It creates union among friends, couples, groups. Its what gives life meaning. The passion lying in each of us is beautifully unique, yet when we come together the effect is exponential. Two separate beings have the capacity to join and birth new life. And that life may further create life, and further, and further. We are constantly re-creating the world, yet we’re ALL linked by the magic of life and that something inside that gets us out of bed each morning.

Passion is not for the weak of spirit. To fully feel passion is to surrender, to trust your intuition, and be swept away by the high of life.

Passionate Sex

Want an amazing sex life? Step out of the cubicle, get out from behind the counter, pull your ass off the couch. Do something you care about, no matter how small. Do it every day, even if its only for 5 minutes. As you raise your energy outside the bedroom (or wherever you like to fuck), you grow your sexual energy inside.

A passionate sex life is a passionate life.

Edited: January 17th, 2012

Every Pussy Is Unique, Every Pussy is Beautiful

What’s a “normal” pussy look like?

Which Pussy is the Normal One?

If you’re the lucky owner of a pussy (no, not your cat), take off your pants, grab a mirror, and take a gander.

That’s what a normal pussy looks like.

Different Shapes, Sizes, and Colors: The Wide Range of Normal Vulvas

Edited: January 16th, 2012

Relationship Advice: How to NOT Have Sex

Let me sum up Dr. Paul’s relationship advice in a positive frame:

To have more sex appreciate yourself and your partner, pay attention to both your needs, be open and available, and take care of your body. Agreed.

Relationship Advice: 7 Ways to Never Have Sex in Your Relationship

Edited: January 16th, 2012

Kelsey’s Sex Tips: Believe You’re Sexy

Sex tips: Sexy starts in the mind.

It feels great to be desired. But no matter how much other people want you, it won’t make much difference if you don’t want yourself.

Try this: Stand naked in front of the mirror. Look at yourself. Would you have sex with you?

If the answer is no (or maybe HELL NO!), and you’re not having the sex you’d like – that’s why. You cannot let go, be in the moment, and feel all the pleasure your body can bring if you’re preoccupied with how fat your belly looks or how small your boobs are.

Take a cue from Kai, via sexloveliberation, who tells herself every day, “I look best naked”:

I tell myself out loud every day – I love my body. I love my pussy. Sometimes it feels ridiculous. Often my mind is screaming self-hatred. All the more reason to keep doing it. Confidence starts from within, and its THAT VOICE that stops you from all the pleasure you deserve.

Edited: January 15th, 2012

Porn Review: Belladonna’s Heavy Petting, Scene 1

Today’s porn review features Belladonna’s Heavy Petting


Porn Review: Belladonna's Heavy Petting


Released in 2010, its directed, of course, by Belladonna and produced by Evil Angel. 178 minutes of lesbian porn starring Angelica Raven, Ann Marie Rios, Karlie Montana, Misty Stone, Melrose Foxxx, Faye Reagan, Mia Presley, Georgia Jones, Missy Stone, Madison Ivy, Leah Parker, and Lexi Belle. This porn review focuses on scene 1 stars Leah Parker and Mia Presley:

Porn Review: Belladonna's Heavy Petting


Summary: Leah Parker and Mia Presley begin the scene in grey zip-front leotards with no makeup, sensuously making out and rubbing each other’s bodies. They slowly strip down while touching, fondling, and kissing one another. The majority of the scene is a passionate and teasing erotic foreplay, though not to any destination in particular. Toward the end, Leah and Mia lick one another’s pussies and masturbate, each rubbing her own clit while watching the other.

Includes making out, sensual touching, fingering, women masturbating, and cunnilingus.

Porn Review: Belladonna's Heavy Petting


The Highlights:
- The film is true to its title, its heavy petting and not much more, at least in the scene I watched. Meaning girls kissing, touching, and playing with no orgasm. It reminded me of those early days with guys before I actually had intercourse, when we’d make out and feel each other’s bodies for hours. When the sensual wanting was pleasure in and of itself.

- Parker and Presley seem to genuinely enjoy themselves.

- The camera is unobtrusive, and it feels as though Leah and Mia don’t notice its there. As a woman, I get tired of seeing the same positions in porn simply because the camera can get in close. Those positions don’t always come “naturally” during real life sex, so I appreciated that the camera was more voyeuristic, catching more authentic action.

- The models are all natural, as in no makeup and natural breasts. The two in this scene were a beautiful match, with Parker’s golden brown skin a perfect contrast to Presley’s creamy white pale skin.

- Its made by Belladonna, but has a much different vibe than most of her videos. It can be argued whether Belladonna produces good porn for women (I say yes, but if you don’t like hardcore you’d disagree), but I can’t see how a woman wouldn’t appreciate this video.

Porn Review: Belladonna's Heavy Petting


Room for Improvement?
- While it was beautiful film and was certainly arousing, it wasn’t the final destination for me. I typically get off on more hardcore videos, so this didn’t quite do it. That begin said, it was a nice way to get started.

- Since the title of the film was Heavy Petting, I wasn’t surprised there were no orgasms. And that’s fine, because a lot of women don’t orgasm all the time anyway – so it was actually realistic in this sense. Its about the journey more than the destination, which is generally true of women’s sexuality. On the other hand, I love watching women orgasm, and I’d have really enjoyed seeing these two spill over the peak of pleasure whether from their own hands or each other’s mouths.

- The set was completely white, which meant the whole focus was on Parker and Presley. I liked having no distractions, but as a woman I mentally put myself in the place of the chicks on screen. At times I could imagine the hard floor being uncomfortable, though the girls never showed it. Just something I picked up on.

Porn Review: Belladonna's Heavy Petting


The Final Verdict:
Belladonna’s Heavy Petting is intimate, sexy, and realistic – based on Leah Parker’s and Mia Presley’s scene, of course. I’d say this is great porn for women and couples, though single men could appreciate it too. If you’re a guy who’s ever wondered what women want, I suggest watching to understand how women like being touched and teased – because most dudes don’t get it. Ladies, if you want to teach your guy, tell him you found some hot Belladonna lesbian porn and I’m sure he won’t say no.

Edited: January 13th, 2012

Sex News: Is It True What They Say About Guys With Big Feet?

Great sex news for guys with small feet. Bad news for guys with big feet.

The answer? No.

Sex News: No Relationship Between Penis Size and Shoe Size

Sex News: No Relationship Between Penis Size and Shoe Size

Don’t judge a book by its cover. You gotta take off its pants first.

Edited: January 11th, 2012

Female Masturbation: Three Tips to Overcome Negative Emotions Like Guilt and Shame

Even though female masturbation is common, normal, and healthy, many women don’t feel comfortable. Sex researchers Edward O. Laumann et al. find that about 1/2 of females and males who masturbate feel guilty. They state, “Masturbation has the peculiar status of being both highly stigmatized and fairly commonplace.”

Women are less encouraged to be sexual than men, so they don’t often explore their bodies. Masturbation can help you love your body, feel happier and more fulfilled. Read on for three tips on overcoming guilt and shame about female masturbation, so you can live your sex life to the fullest.

(1) Understand that facts about masturbation.

Female masturbation is as healthy for you as eating your fruits and vegetables. According to Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, women who masturbate are more likely to have orgasms, and orgasm more easily from masturbation than any other sex act. Women who have orgasms while masturbating tend to orgasm with their partners more often.

It lowers stress, promotes relaxation, and even helps menstrual cramps. There are benefits to using the pubecoccal (PC) muscles (the ones that quiver and shake during orgasm) include more sexual pleasure, lowered risk of incontinence (peeing your pants), and easier childbirth. Female masturbation is the easiet method of safe sex – you won’t get knocked up or catch an STD!

She likes female masturbation.

(2) Identify your beliefs about sex in general, and masturbation in particular. Human beings are social creatures – we learn about life from one another, and can carry values of others without even realizing..

We learn how to be from many places – family, religion, and the media are just a few. You may have learned that only sluts, whores, and nymphomaniacs practice female masturbation, or that masturbation is generally sinful or addictive.

Experiences like physical, mental, or emotional trauma also shape our sexual beliefs. Obviously sexual abuse is extremely traumatic, but being caught masturbating, a bad trip to the gynecologist, or even having your sexual secrets told can reinforce unsupportive beliefs about female masturbation and sex in general.

She likes female masturbation too.

(3) Replace unsupportive sexual beliefs with positive ones. Dream up your ideal sex life, and imagine how your body would feel, how you would masturbate, and what you might fantasize about if you felt free to indulge. Relax and FEEL how different your life would be if this were your reality.

Create an affirmation for yourself that reflects one aspect of your ideal sex life. Sure, its cheesy, but go with it. If you’re like most people, you say negative things to yourself all the time. Choosing ONE nice thing won’t kill you, will it?. Some examples: I love my body, masturbation is awesome, I am sexy, I am safe, I am free, I love myself.

Affirmations work similar to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your mind wants to be consistent with your actions. When you repeat your affirmation and feel that reality in your body, the mind will automatically work to make it come true. You’ll notice yourself acting differently, enjoying masturbation more.

You don’t need to believe your affirmation, that will come in time. Its alright if you feel silly. Begin every morning with your affirmation and say it throughout the day (whisper if you don’t want to be heard). Repeat it before or during masturbation and remind yourself why you’re there.


The change will take time, and you might feel overwhelmed. It is best to pair healing your mind and body simultaneously. In time the guilt and shame you feel over female masturbation will evaporate, and you’ll be left with a better sex life overall.

Edited: January 10th, 2012

Shaved Pussy is Everywhere: Pubic Hair is Becoming an Endangered Species

Once upon a time, pussy and pubic hair were synonymous. Not anymore.

According to this article, and Indiana University study found over 60% of women 18-24 and almost half of women 25-29 completely shave some or all the time. Count me in.

No Pubic Hair for My Shaved Pussy

No Pubic Hair for My Shaved Pussy

I’ve been shaving for about 3 years. I prefer it. Why?

- Removing the hair makes it easier to see – it demystifies the pussy. I like looking down and seeing my clit and labia, not just a patch of hair. When there’s a dick in my shaved pussy, I can actually see what’s going on down there, and my boyfriend can see better too.

- Its helped me get to know my pussy better. When I shave, I have to touch my body in ways I wouldn’t otherwise.

- Sex feels better. I love how it feels when the whole area between my legs and upper thighs is smooth, wet and slippery.

- Shaving my pussy (and legs + armpits) makes me feel more feminine. It makes me feel sexier. My boyfriend is quite hairy, and its an arousing contrast to feel my soft skin against his roughness.

Like your pubic hair? Awesome, keep it. Love it. Take a cue from Furry Girl:

Edited: January 8th, 2012

Does penis size matter?

Sex educator Kicesie talks about penis size, and whether it matters to men AND women:

Here’s my opinion: I prefer somewhat above average sized cock. I want it to fit perfectly inside me.

But that doesn’t mean I’d end a relationship if the guy had a smaller (or bigger) dick. If I cared enough about the person, we’d find a way to make it work. Maybe play with toys if I wanted that feeling. Penis size isn’t everything. Its who the person is and what they do with it that matters.

Edited: January 7th, 2012

Question From a Fart Porn Fan: How Common is the Girl Fart Fetish?

A recent email from a girl fart porn fan:

I have a question that only people in the business might be able to answer. About how many people out there would you say have a fart fetish based on sales? I am not interested in how much money you are making so I don’t need an exact figure, just need to get an idea of how many people. I am guessing based on observations that the fetish might not be that rare.

So would you say.

a) under 10,000 people.

b) 10,000 – 100,000

c) 100,000 – 1 million.

d) Over 1 million.

Also, which fetish is the most popular based on volume of sales?

How many fart porn fans exist?

Here was my response:

I’d love to know the answer to your question, but I have NO idea…though I’d guess its AT LEAST 10,000….there is very little known about fetishes in general, but especially not large estimates.

I can tell you that I mostly do fart fetish videos because its what sells. If it was feet, I’d do feet. I don’t know how many different customers I have because I don’t get that info (for their privacy). I do believe other fetishes are more common, particularly foot fetishes. To get a good idea of the most common fetishes on , just look at their top stores. But keep in mind there are plenty of fetishists who don’t frequent that site, so the top fetishes on clips4sale aren’t representative of ALL fetishists. Finally, people’s sexual desires are constantly evolving, so the more popular a fetish becomes, it may draw in people who wouldn’t have otherwise thought of it – the growth may be exponential. Thus, the number of fetishists may always be changing as well.

Edited: January 4th, 2012

Relationship Advice: More Sex = Happier Relationship

Relationship Advice: Fuck each other’s brains out.

Relationship Advice: Fuck Each Other's Brains Out

Relationship Advice: Fuck a Lot

Studying married couples over 65, researcher Adrienne Jackson finds that more frequent sex is associated with a happier marriage. Chances are you won’t just start having sex in old age if you didn’t before, so make sex a priority NOW and you’ll likely have a happier present AND future.

Now, does more SEX cause happiness, or does more HAPPINESS cause more sex?

Does it matter?

Edited: January 4th, 2012

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Today’s porn review features’s Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica


Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Released in 2011, one of many bound gangbang scenes produced by What’s awesome, though, is you don’t need a membership to their site to view single scenes. If you’re like me and don’t care to commit to a specific membership site, this is a great alternative. The scene is 70 minutes long starring Jade Indica and 5 unnamed guys, though one is obviously James Deen.

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Summary: The scene begins with a female interviewing Indica, POV style, asking her about her gangbang and abduction fantasies. The actual scene begins with her masturbating in bed, and cuts back and forth between this and the gangbang, implying this is what she’s masturbating about. In her fantasy, Jade is abducted in a van and taken to an industrial-looking building. She puts up a fight, and they start by bullying her, making her suck their dicks, ripping her clothes off and rubbing her pussy. She gets tied up and suspended from the ceiling, and later is bound in shackles. The 4 of the dudes take turns fucking her while she sucks off the 5th, then another one enters her ass to fill up all her holes at once. 4 guys hold her up while the 5th holds a vibrator up to her clit. They make her call herself a whore and force her to do dirty things and cum from the vibrator. While she’s getting pussy fucked, a couple of the guys take turns forcing analingus. The scene ends with all 5 cumming on Jade’s pretty face, and an interview afterwards about the experience.

Includes abduction, bondage, humiliation, masturbation with hands and a vibrator, rough sex, anal sex, blow jobs, blow bang, pussy sex, gangbang, double penetration, ass licking, female orgasm, facials, and a pre- and post-scene interview with the star.

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

The Highlights:
- Honestly, the image on the cover sold it for me. I was browsing AEBN’s most watched videos and saw a picture that could have come straight from my fantasies.

- I love the pre- and post-scene interview. Lets the viewer know the star was into it, even in an unconsensual fantasy. Jade says her fantasy is to feel “overwhelmed by cock,” and that fantasy was definitely fulfilled.

- Jade clearly enjoys guys, and having multiple at once. My favorite part was where they forced her to cum with a vibrator, while also cutting to scenes of her masturbating with a vibrator at “home.”

- The guys were attractive enough – I wasn’t repulsed by any of them. James Deen is always a plus.

- I came 3 times watching it.

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

Room for Improvement?
- Too long, in my opinion. I’d already came 3 times at 40 minutes into it, but I wanted to see the end – for the sake of my own curiosity and writing this review. I kept watching but got a little bored. I’d say either do fewer different acts/parts of the scene, or shorten each component to be 30-40 minutes total.

- I felt a strange feeling this way, but maybe 10-15 minutes in I was wishing she’d struggle more – with a deeper emphasis on the unconsensual aspect of the fantasy. That’s what was appealing to me, as someone with these fantasies, is that I could actually see it on screen and know the person was indeed consenting. After awhile, it almost seemed like a regular old gangbang scene. But in the interview at the end, she says she “almost wanted to act out more” but “I figured it would probably hurt somebody. I didn’t want to hurt anybody.” This is why its a good idea to discuss limits before doing a BDSM scene, so you know exactly how far you can go (on both ends).

Porn Review: Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica

The Final Verdict:
Bound Gangbangs with Jade Indica is a great sampling of the quality BDSM and fetish work from I haven’t seen anything like this before, so I was pleasantly surprised how much it brought to life a fantasy I’ve had for awhile. It feels good to see what’s been in your head show up on screen. Jade enjoyed herself and made me want to be there – being ravaged by 5 dudes using me in a way that gives me insane pleasure. I’d recommend to any guy into being dominant, and while its not your typical porn for women, kinky chicks could definitely get off on it too.

Edited: January 2nd, 2012