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Sex Tips From Porn Star Nina Hartley: How to Try Something New in the Bedroom

How do you ask your partner to try something new? Porn star Nina Hartley has some amazing communication sex tips.

Key Points:

- Talk when neither partner is upset, stressed, tired, etc.
- Bring it up when you’re not having sex, or right after (NOT right before!).
- Talk positively about wanting to add to the fun you’re already having (don’t tell them you’re frustrated and lacking something in the relationship).
- Be patient, willing to ease your partner in, and respect their boundaries. Compromise.
- “The more you make it fun for them, the more they’ll make it fun for you.”

And I’ll add:

- Be appreciative for WHATEVER they’re willing to try, whether its exactly what you want or just a small step. Thank them. When you’re daydreaming about it two days later, tell them how hot it was. Like animals, we respond to positive reinforcement, and will be more likely to do it again, or go further, if we feel our partner’s gratitude.

Edited: March 31st, 2012

Female Masturbation: Just Do It!

Everyone knows guys masturbate, but even in 2012 female masturbation is still stigmatized. Growing up, none of my friends talked about female masturbation, and I thought I was the only one!

Sex coach Billie Becker has an important message:

She’s got a great point, though I started having orgasms when I was 8, and didn’t understand what a clitoris was until college. Clearly, I didn’t know what the fuck I was touching, but it felt pretty good.

Edited: March 30th, 2012

Fat and Wrinkled: What Fetish Porn Says About Dominant Sex and Beauty Norms

In the land of fetish porn, anything goes. Is it a matter of personal preference? Author of
Bound and Gagged: Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America, Laura Kipnis thinks its something deeper:

Pornography is chock full of…aesthetic shocks and surprises…in a culture that so ferociously equates sexuality with youth, where else but within pornography will you find enthusiasm for sagging, aging bodies, or for their sexualization? There is indeed a subgenera of porn – both gay and straight – devoted to the geriatric. The degree of one’s aesthetic distress when thumbing through magazines with titles like 40+, with its wrinkly models and not-so-perky breasts, or Over 50, with its naked pictorials of sagging white-haired grandmothers (or the white-haired grandfathers of Classics, with their big bellies and vanishing hairlines, and, turning the page, two lumbering CEOs in bifocals and boxer shorts fondling each other), indicates the degree to which a socially prescribed set of aesthetic conventions is embedded in the very core of our beings. And our sexualities.

It also indicates the degree to which pornography exists precisely to pester and thwart the dominant. The vistas of antediluvian flesh in Over 50, or its features like “Promiscuous Granny,” counter all of the mainstream culture’s stipulations regarding sex and sexual aesthetics. One may want to argue that these subgenera of pornography simply cater to “individual preferences” or to dismiss them as “perversions,” depending on who far you carry your normatively. But for the individual viewer, it’s not just a case of different strokes for different folks. Pornography provides a realm of transgression that is, in effect, a counter-aesthetics to dominant norms for bodies, sexualities, and desire itself. And to the extent that portraying the aging body as sexual might be dissed as a perversion (along with other “perversions” like preferring fat sex partners), it reveals to what extent “perversion” is a shifting and capricious social category…a couple of hundred years ago, fat bodies were widely admired

What shapes these subgenera – their content, their raw materials – are precisely the items blackballed from the rest of culture. This watchfully dialectical relation pornography maintains to mainstream culture makes it nothing less than a form of cultural critique. It refuses to let us so easily of the hook for our hypocrisies. Or our unconsciouses.

Edited: March 28th, 2012

How to Eat Pussy: Technique is a Starting Point, but Communication Will Take You All the Way

Guys can get over-focused on technique when it comes to eating pussy. How to eat pussy isn’t a science, its an art and every woman is different:

Do understand, please, that every person on the planet is different. One woman’s honey may be another’s poison, or something like that. Instructions are fine, but we’re not assembling a bicycle here. There’s more than one way to do it. In fact, there are many, many ways, some of which I’m sure that I’m not aware of yet (though I do try so hard to stay current.) As they say, communication is the key, baby. If she likes what you’re doing, or even loves it, keep it up. If she doesn’t like your technique, all is not lost. Just dial it down a notch perhaps, begin with the basics as I will explain them. If the challenge, however, is that she wants you to be wilder, crazier, more intense, please call me immediately, I’ll be right over to help. **

How to Eat Pussy

How to Eat Pussy

Edited: March 26th, 2012

Exploring Kinky Fetish Sex Online: My Visit to the Utherverse Red Light District

A brief photo tour of the kinky fetish sex possible in the Utherverse online Red Light Center.

A followup from my previous post on cybersex.

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: That's Me, Tied Up, Having Lesbian Cybersex

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: That's Me, Tied Up, Having Lesbian Cybersex

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: Abduction Fantasy 'Play' Room

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: Abduction Fantasy Room

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: How to Play in the Abduction Fantasy Room

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: How to Play in the Abduction Fantasy Room

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: Adult Baby Fantasy Room

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: Adult Baby Fantasy Room

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: Changing Tables for the Virtual Adult Babies

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: Changing Tables for the Virtual Adult Babies

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: "Public" Confessions (My Favorite!)

Kinky Fetish Sex Online: "Public" Confessions (My Favorite!)


Edited: March 25th, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex: Understand Anal Anatomy

Know what you’re fucking – its hard to know how to have anal sex without understanding how the butt works:

Understand That There are 2 Sphincters

There are two sphincter muscles in the anus (if you place your finger inside about inch deep and press against the side, you’ll feel them), and they are less than an inch apart.

While you can control the external sphincter at will, the internal sphincter is not the same. It reacts more in a reflexive way. So while your partner may assure you that she’s relaxed and willing, her internal sphincter may prove otherwise.

The point is that you need to be patient and give your partner time to learn how to relax and try different positions to make it happen.

Edited: March 23rd, 2012

Faking Female Orgasm: How to Tell Your Partner

Its a stereotype that women fake female orgasm, but some do. And once you start, its hard to stop.

Here’s what sex coach Billie Becker has to say about getting honest about faking female orgasm:

Start slowly with deep breaths. Mix in a gasp. Work your way to a moan. Wait for him to cum. Quiver and smile.

Faking it was easy.

I was a committed method actor and sex was like a porno casting call every time. Working my way down a checklist I would have “orgasms” on demand – without end.

I nailed the part.

Stop Faking Female Orgasm!

Stop Faking Female Orgasm!

It was easy to write off my bad behavior when I was younger – I didn’t know what orgasms were. I questioned myself, thinking “Maybe I am having one and I just can’t tell”.  If women came without question in porn, maybe they just liked sex more than I did.

But they don’t.

My first vibrator cleared away any doubt about what an orgasm felt like, but “faking it” had already went from a bad habit to a disease. Instead of dealing with my fatigue, hunger, or insecurity, I could just fake an orgasm and get on with it.

I had an “orgasm” every time we had sex, and my partner came to expect it. I couldn’t stop now, not without admitting I had lied. He would find out that we weren’t actually getting the job done, then he’d be crushed and I’d be totally embarrassed.

So I kept faking it… for years.

If you’re the one faking it:

Come clean.

Right now, admit to yourself that you’ve been dishonest. Take out a pencil and paper, and write down what you need to tell your partner. I recommend the following format.

• Use “I”, not “you”, statements. “I’ve been feeling ______, because I haven’t been honest with you.
• Keep it positive. Mention what did work or feel good. “I really appreciate when we”, “I enjoy this about it”.
• Explain yourself. “I wanted to make you feel good”, “I wanted our sex to be perfect”
• Take responsibility. “I realized that it was dishonest”
• Tell them what YOU are doing to make things better. “I’d like to use a vibrator, I think it’ll really help me”.

If you think your partner is faking it:

Stop it.

No really, stop it. When you’re focused on your partners orgasm, you’re bound to make things worse.

• Don’t set expectations by saying things like “I’m going to make you come”.
• Don’t ask if your partner came. By asking “Did I make you come” you’re setting them up to lie about it if they didn’t.
• Focus on asking questions that require specific feedback. Instead of asking “Yeah, do you like that?”, ask “Do you want it harder or softer?”, “What depth feels good?”, etc.

Edited: March 22nd, 2012

How to Eat Pussy: Getting Close to Female Orgasm

When she’s getting close to having her female orgasm, how to eat pussy is easy – just don’t stop:

When you feel the inner thighs start to shake, this is it. Be repetitive. Do NOT be creative. You’re almost home and this is not the time to start changing tactics.

Extra tip: To keep the rhythm going, try repeating a chant in your head that goes with the movement of your tongue like a Mic Mac Indian (hi-yi-yi-ya, hi-yi-yi-ya, hi-yi-yi-ya). Any inconsistent action may throw her off, killing the mood or at least setting you back a few minutes, which is bad for morale.

How to Eat Pussy

How to Eat Pussy

Important: Keep going several seconds after her orgasm. Remember, it isn’t over until the hands come down from above and lay you off. If she’s multi-orgasmic you’ll have to keep going until you’ve done the whole routine another four or five times. If you’re not sure what to do, just keep giving her shit until the magic hands come down to pull you off.

Edited: March 19th, 2012

What’s Up With the Cum Shot in Porn?

The cum shot poses as the grand finale of much heterosexual and gay porn.

Personally, I wish they didn’t stop after the cum shot, but rather kept going. Pussy licking doesn’t require a hard dick, you know. Nonetheless, I bring you this analysis courtesy

It’s hard to imagine a time when the “money shot” [aka cum shot] wasn’t a signature of the smut industry. The shot — where a male porn performer ejaculates, usually on a partner, and the camera captures the action in luxuriating detail — is the defining aesthetic of contemporary pornography, both gay and straight. But it wasn’t always that way.

The “money shot” can be traced back to the premiere of “Deep Throat” in 1972, according to Linda Williams, a film studies professor at UC Berkeley. That isn’t to say that male performers didn’t bust outside the body before then, but the legendary film “introduced narrativity in the genre and coined the cum shot as its defining figure,” she writes in “Hard Core: Power, Pleasure and the Frenzy of the Visible.” Williams explains, “Where the earlier short, silent stag films occasionally included spectacles of external ejaculation (in some cases inadvertently), it was not until the early seventies, with the rise of the hard-core feature, that the money shot assumed the narrative function of signaling the climax of a genital event.”

The question of why the money shot has since then, ahem, exploded in popularity is more complicated. The most obvious explanation is one of pure mechanics. “It has to do with the real physiology of orgasm and ejaculation,” says Lisa Jean Moore, author of “Sperm Counts: Overcome by Man’s Most Precious Fluid.” “The way that male orgasm is external, as opposed to female orgasm, which is internal, it sort of lends itself well to cinematic capture.”

In terms of evolutionary biology, the money shot also triggers sexual competition. Ogi Ogas, author of “A Billion Wicked Thoughts,” a book that explores human sexuality through popular porn genres, says, “The penis itself is a sperm competition cue, unconsciously triggering arousal designed to motivate a man to have more vigorous sex with a woman than the man who just finished,” he says, drawing on theories in evolutionary psychology about sexual competition. (For example, one study showed that heterosexual men produced more potent ejaculate when masturbating to images of two men having sex with a woman, compared to porny shots of three women together.) “The sperm might also function as a sperm competition cue in the same manner,” he says.

It’s also simply the case that viewers desire proof that the pleasure they’re seeing performed on-screen is authentic — and in the age of Viagra, an erection itself isn’t convincing enough. “The money shot actually implies that what we are seeing is real,” says Cindy Patton, a professor of sociology, anthropology and women’s studies at Simon Fraser University.

The irony is that such proof actually requires suspension of disbelief, because “the male pornographic film performer must withdraw from any tactile connection with the genitals or mouth of the woman so that the ‘spending’ of his ejaculate is visible,” writes Williams. “Within convention, viewers are asked to believe that the sexual performers within the film want to shift from a tactile to a visual pleasure at the crucial moment of the male’s orgasm.”

[My two cents: Why wouldn't a guy enjoy getting off visually at the peak of pleasure while stimulating his cock by hand? Seeing his cum on his partner's body, face, or in their mouth? Personally, I'd love to see my female ejaculate all over my partner…]

Some cultural commentators have paradoxically argued that the money shot is the result of the relative invisibility of the typical female orgasm. “The problem of an equally irrefutable and visible proof of female orgasm, at a physiological level, both leads to the convention whereby male orgasm stands in for female orgasm and to attempts to convey female orgasm by more indirect means,” argues Bill Nichols in “Representing Reality: Issues and Concepts in Documentary.”

Williams writes in “Hard Core,” “While undeniably spectacular, the money shot is also hopelessly specular; it can only reflect back to the male gaze that purports to want knowledge of the woman’s pleasure the man’s own climax.” She calls the cum shot “a poor substitute for the knowledge of female wonders that the genre as a whole still seeks.”

Some would rather explain this gender divide in terms of sexism. In heterosexual cum-shot porn, Carroll argues, chauvinism is evident in the “domination of the standing male/kneeling woman stance that is one of the most popular forms of this image, but also in the implied degradation of the phallus ‘spitting’ on the woman’s face — that part of the body which is most closely associated with one’s individual dignity and personality.” (It’s worth noting that a similar dom-sub dynamic plays out in gay porn, too.)

In some but not all contexts, Moore sees the money shot as a way of “marking” a partner as “territory or property.” In a paper titled, “Cocktail parties: Fetishizing semen in pornography beyond bukkake,” she and co-author Juliana Weissbein wrote, “The most prominent type of [cum shot] video on X-Tube … was of disembodied males masturbating to ejaculation onto a still photo of a female,” they explain. “The women in these photographs, often difficult to see, are described variously as ex-girfriends or ex-wives, famous models or actresses. Ejaculating onto photos of a specific woman allows the man to claim her as his property.”

[My two cents: Or as a way to humiliate an ex. Or because the ex never let him cum on her face and its a remaining fantasy. Or because an ex DID let him cum on her face, and now she's gone. Or because said dude will probably never get the chance to cum on a model's or actresses' face, so the picture is the next best thing.]

Perhaps most important is the impact of AIDs and HIV since that seminal moment in “Deep Throat” four decades ago. “In heterosexual contexts, women have avoided semen for a long time, partially to prevent pregnancy,” as well as various STDs, says Moore. But the AIDS and HIV crisis gave ejaculate an even greater “toxifying, disease-ridden” image. “Semen is something we’ve tried to sanitize and protect ourselves from in a prophylactic sense — we’re covering the body up, or covering the penis up, figuring out ways to avoid contact,” she says.

The funhouse mirror of sexuality often eroticizes that which we most fear and abhor, thus “a fantasy develops about somebody actually wanting [semen], and they want it so badly that they want to drink it and they want to slather it all over their bodies and they want you to wipe it all over their faces,” Moore says. “The messages that are so adverse and make semen to be this abject, disgusting substance have had this other effect of making male spectators want to live out the fantasy that women and men actually want it and are celebrating it.”
[My two cents: So, is there or isn't there a problem with semen? Is it gross or isn't it? Moore, who lived many years in a committed lesbian relationship and was - as of 2009 - with a man, seems to demonstrate her own seminal ambivalence. I for one love my partner, and love his semen, so why wouldn't I want it on me?]

Carroll argues that it “is not merely a carnal fantasy; it is also an emotional one — a fantasy of ‘unconditional acceptance’ in which the female” — or male, presumably — “seems to say ‘I exist wholly for you. I will never reject you. You cannot disappoint me.”

Edited: March 18th, 2012

My Life is Ridiculous: The Beautiful Simplicity of Fetish and Fart Porn

I find it completely absurd that I make my living by farting, burping, stomping on little toy men, and sticking things in my butt. Fart porn is my biggest seller.

These fetishes are nothing more than doing the opposite of what we “should” or “shouldn’t”. Women shouldn’t burp or fart; its not ladylike. Men should be taller than women, men should be bigger and stronger than women, women should be sugar and spice and everything nice. You should be fucking the pussy, not the ecoli ridden out-door (let ALONE licking or smelling it!). Etc. Etc. Etc.

Many women consciously worry about farting around their boyfriends. I did. I learned how to hold it in so I wouldn’t make a sound. I know others who did too. Maybe we were nuts, but I felt so embarrassed by my living, breathing body. It was always a relief when it came time in a relationship when I felt I could stop pretending. Crazy or not, its refreshing to be comfortable, be real, and still beautiful to the person I love.

My life is currently a ridiculous experiment: How can I use my sexual energy to express this fetish or that? It stretches my erotic imagination. If you watch my early videos of any fetish, I don’t usually understand it. I’m just doing it mechanically, or how I think it might be, and am pretty insecure about it. As I get more requests and thank-you’s, I start getting the feel of the fetish. I begin to understand what its all about. I don’t know if I’m the world’s greatest fart porn model (there are more than you’d think!), but I have some diehard fans out there. (Hilarious.) Farting and ass fetishes are my most popular videos, and I’ve managed to ‘get’ them fairly well. And I can get turned on by the ass fetish myself sometimes. The fart fetish, not usually, but in the right context – in a submissive, ‘against my will’ setting – I can appreciate it for myself.

Its bizarre in its lack of social grace, yet its almost beautifully simple. It hearkens back to that childlike awe, imagination, and humor the schools tried to beat out of us through mind numbing standardized tests. It certainly takes creativity to see the disgusting as sexy, or to act aroused by a tiny toy figurine.

And by all means, its the safest of sex. No one’s ever caught an STD from a fart.

Edited: March 16th, 2012

Why the Hell Do People Like Fart Porn? What Body Function Fetishes Say About Western Culture

As a producer of fetish video, particularly fart porn, I’m often asked: What’s the appeal? Where do these body function fetishes, like fart fetish, sneeze fetish, burping, pissing and shitting come from?

There are specifics to each fetish, but the bottom line is the same: its a blatant display of behaviors we all do but keep private. And there’s something sexy about seeing women (or men) transgress these norms, lose physical control in “public,” and be, well, disgusting.

We can’t know whether these fetishes existed in different times and in different cultures, but its reasonable to theorize that they’re specific to Western culture. In a chapter on what makes Hustler magazine so popular, Laura Kipnis writes about disgust and the human body:

What we consider gross and disgusting is hardly some permanent facet of the human psyche: it’s historically specific and relatively recent. According to social historian Norbert Elias, disgust only fully emerges in the course of the sixteenth century rise of individualism, during which time we see the invention of the concept of privacy as well: our various requirements about closed (and locked) bathroom doors, our own plates to eat from, and delicacy around sexual and bodily matters are all aspects of this same process. Disgust is something precariously acquired in the course of the civilizing process (and a process that has to be recapitualized in the socialization of each individual modern child). During this social transformation, once communal activities – sleeping, sex, elimination, eating – becomes subject to new sets of rules of conduct and privatization. An increasingly heightened sense of disgust at the bodies and bodily functions of others emerged, and simultaneous with this process of privatization came a corresponding sense of shame about one’s own body and its functions. Certain once-common behaviors become socially frowned upon: spitting, scratching, farting, wiping your mouth on the tablecloth, or blowing your nose into your sleeve were replaced by increasingly detailed rules devoted to restraining the conduct of the body (and even how it might be spoken of) in public.

Historically speaking, manners have a complicated history as a mechanism of class distinction, that is, of separating the high from the low. Implements we now take for granted, like the fork and the handkerchief, were initially seen as upper-class affectations (you both blew your nose into and ate with your hands, and from communal dishes). Only gradually did they filter down through the social hierarchy…

As far more attention came to be paid to proprieties around elimination, to hygiene, to bodily odors, and to not offending others, thresholds of sensitivity and refinement in the individual psyche became correspondingly heightened. It wasn’t just behavior being reformed, it was the entire structure of the psyche, with the most shameful and prohibited behaviors and impulses (those around sex and elimination) propelled into the realm of the unconscious. The split, which Freud would later describe with the terms “ego” and “id,” is what would become the very substance of the modern individual. And the experience of disgust at what was once an ordinary part of daily life has become so completely part of our “nature” that defiance of bodily proprieties can result in actual physical revulsion. When we say of something disgusting “It made me sick,” this can be a physical fact, revealing just how deeply these codes have become embedded in who we are. And how threatening to our very beings transgressions of manners can be…

The power of grossness is very simply its opposition to high culture and official culture, which feels the continual need to protect itself against the debasements of the low (the lower classes, low culture, the lower body…)…

As Norbert Elias puts it, “People…seek to suppress in themselves every characteristic they feel to be animal.”

What’s so shocking about body function fetishes, like fart fetish, is that they’re appealing in part because of this sense of disgust. In a culture where bodily functions are kept private, farts become a hidden – often shameful – fantasy.

Shameless plug – a fantasy that can be fulfilled here and here.

Edited: March 13th, 2012

How to Have Anal Sex Tip: Pay Attention to Physical Hygiene

Usually when you hear about how to have anal sex and hygiene, you’d assume we’re talking about poo.

But there are other important ways to stay clean:

Make sure that your partner has clean and cut fingernails before starting to explore, in order to avoid scratching or passing bacteria. You can then move on to exploring with sex toys, or move on to… anal sex with your partner.

True of any sex, but especially important for butt sex – the anal canal is made of delicate tissue that can tear much easier than the pussy. Tears are not only painful, but can make it easier to pass STDs.

Edited: March 8th, 2012

How to Eat Pussy: Start With Foreplay

Step one in how to eat pussymake her pussy wet and excited:

A dry pussy is an unhappy pussy. If your fingers graze a dry bush, go back to the kissing and hugging for awhile. Just make sure you actually dip your finger between the lips. Sometimes moisture gets trapped between the labia and a little fingerial coaxing is all that’s needed to get the honey dripping.

Once you’re sure the beaver is wet, give it a few light, teasing strokes with your finger. There’s nothing worse than rushing into this, so make sure she’s really begging for it before you get under the covers.

How to Eat Pussy: Warm It Up

How to Eat Pussy: Warm It Up

Extra tip: Be like Prince and bring up a wet finger that both of you can share like a 1950s milkshake with two straws.

Important: Don’t play your trump card too soon by putting your fingers all the way inside. This can detract from the upcoming penetration and kill the tease factor. Try to remember that 78% of a woman’s pleasure is about yearning. Poking it in too soon is sure to put out the fire.

Edited: March 7th, 2012

Women Against Pornography: Is Pornography Propaganda Against Women?

Short answer: No. Not according to Laura Kipnis, author of Bound and Gagged: Pornography and the Politics of Fantasy in America

Pornography does, in an emotional sense, do profound violence – emotional violence – to some women. However, for women who hate pornography, the violence it inflicts is to female identity and “female sensibility”

Not all women dislike pornography; some even like it a lot. So obviously there’s a spectrum of female identities. But the problem most women who don’t like porn is that they don’t recognize the female characters in it as “like me” – either physically, or in their desires. These big-breasted porno bimbos want to have sex all the time, with any guy no matter how disgusting, will do anything, moan like they like it, and aren’t repulsed by male body fluids – in fact, adore them – wherever they land. Women who dislike porn refer to this as a male fantasy, but what exactly is it a fantasy about? Well, it seems like a fantasy of a one-gender world, a world in which male and female sexuality is completely commensurable, as opposed to whatever sexual incompatibilities actually exist.

Women Against Pornography

Women Against Pornography

Heterosexual pornography creates a fantastical world composed of two sexes but one gender, and that one gender looks a lot more like what we think of (perhaps stereotypically) as “male.” Pornography’s premise is this: What would a world in which men and women were sexually alike look like? (The romance [book] industry proposes a similar hypothesis in reverse: What would the world look like if men were emotionally and romantically compatible with women?) So pornography’s fantasy is also of gender malleability, although one in which it’s women who should be the malleable ones. Whereas feminism’s (and romance fiction’s) paradigm of gender malleability is mostly that men should change. It’s possible that the women who are most offended by pornography are those most invested int he idea of femininity as something static and stable, as something inborn that inheres within us. (“Women are like this, men are like that.”) But of course, sexuality is completely malleable (and sexuality is a component of gender, by which I mean masculinity and femininity), altering radically over history, or with education level, age, religion, etc.

One model for looking at pornography oddly be as a kind of science fiction; that is, as a fantasy about futurity, whose setting is the present. We don’t get offended when science fiction imagines different futures, even dystopic ones set in worlds that look like our own. Of course one reason that women, and particularly feminists, have a hard time either enjoying pornography as an interesting gender fantasy, or dismissing it as a harmless gender fantasy, is our worry that in a world in which men have more social power than women, men have the power to force their fantasy of a one-gender world onto unwilling women, who have their own ideas about how female sexuality should feel. But is pornography proffered (and enjoyed) as a form of propaganda? And if you think so, why presume that pornography alone, among the vast range of cultural forms, works as indoctrination, whereas every other popular genre is understood as inhabiting the realm of fiction, entertainment, even ideas, not as having megalomaniacal ambitions to transform the world into itself? We don’t spend a lot of time worrying that viewers of pro wrestling will suddenly be seized with some all-consuming impulse to wrestle innocent passersby to the ground. On what grounds are such megalomaniacal intentions imputed to pornography?

Edited: March 6th, 2012