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Interview With Swinger Porn Star Siri

Porn star Siri is a 24 year old married swinger who is passionate about, well, sex!

Siri entered the porn business in 2012 after she graduated from college. Siri knew she wanted to be in porn since age 19 and began exploring the swinger’s scene when she met her husband Brad. She’s clearly smart and educated enough to do whatever she wants in life — and porn is it! Nothing better than an intelligent woman who chooses a career that she truly loves.

Porn Star Siri

Porn Star Siri

Siri’s authentic love of sex has helped her win Miss FreeOnes 2012 and a nomination for AVN Best New Starlet 2013. The newest addition to the VNA network – home of stars like Vicky Vette, Nikki Benz and Sara Jay – Siri will be exploring her sexuality for her pleasure AND yours for years to come!

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Siri has an awesome blog where she regularly interacts with her fans at Follow her on Twitter @SiriPornStar. And check out her kinky fetish videos!

Edited: April 30th, 2013

Listener Questions on Wet Pussy and Masturbation With Lily Cade

Lily Cade is back to share her experience with fucking women.

We discuss listener questions:

When my wife and I have vaginal sex, she is always dry. I can go in but it is uncomfortable for us both – even after I have given her oral and she has had an orgasm.  I must use artificial lube.  Does this indicate a lack of interest, arousal, attraction etc… on her part? With lube intercourse feels good to me and she says she likes it.  Let me know what you think, is this common?


I’m a happily married woman whose husband is in the military. He is away a lot and I don’t believe in masturbation. Any suggestions on relieving the tension?

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Edited: April 29th, 2013

I Like Sucking Dick But I Don’t Want To Do It: How Can I Change My Sexual Desires?

Question via Tumblr:

So, I’m a guy and I’ve got this fixation with giving head. I absolutely love doing it but I’m not attracted to guys at all and prefer relationships and sex with women. Is there anyway I can get away from the fixation.

Its hard to believe you’re not attracted to guys AT ALL if their penises somehow end up in your mouth. Unless they’re falling from the sky, you probably are attracted to guys, at least sexually.

But that doesn’t mean you have to act on it or be in a relationship with a dude if you prefer women. As far as I know, no research has ever documented people successfully changing their sexual desires. If the did, you’d better believe there’d be even more programs to make gay people straight. They can only change their behavior.

Imagine a person who wants to make a change from the typical American ‘lifestyle’ of fast food and couch-sitting to be healthier. They don’t like how it feels and are CHOOSING to change. They switch to organic foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, etc. In time, they come to enjoy broccoli and carrots, preferring how it makes them feel. But it doesn’t mean they STOP liking cheeseburgers and chocolate cake.

They have two options: (1) swear them off completely or (2) find a way to integrate their favorite tastes without ruining the lifestyle they really want. People who diet usually go for (1), which is why diets almost always fail. You can’t stop yourself from liking something, and the more you focus on TRYING not to like it, the more tempting it becomes. If a person tells themselves, “Okay, I’m going to a birthday party tonight, but I’m NOT going to eat any cake. No cake. No cake. No cake,” what typically happens? They can’t get cake off their fucking mind and next thing they know, they’re stuffing themselves full. And maybe its not just one piece, but 3 or 4. Then they go home feeling guilty, ashamed and bloated. “Why did I eat that fucking cake?” they whine. Because all they did is think about it!

Option (2) is far more realistic. Instead of buying ground beef and a bakery-made cake from Von’s (or whatever their typical supermarket), perhaps they get it from Whole Foods. Instead of picking up a double quarter pounder with cheese and a large fry from McDonald’s, they cook a small organic grass fed burger and baked potato at home. And if they go to a birthday party, they may bring their own snacks, wait to eat a healthier version when they return home, or indulge in just a piece. A piece.

Its the same with sex. You can’t deny your fantasies, but choose how to act on them. Maybe just fantasizing while you masturbate or watching gay porn is enough. Or find a girl who would enjoy threesomes with another guy. Browse craigslist & depending where you live, there are often single dudes wanting to join a couple, and couples looking for single guys. Perhaps dabble in the swinger’s scene. Many clubs are homophobic and don’t allow guy-guy contact, but if you live in an open minded area you may find groups that are down with male bisexuality. Find a way you can accept your desires into the ‘lifestyle’ you want, and look for a partner with whom you can share this side of your sexuality in one way or another.

Edited: April 28th, 2013

My Wife’s Bisexual – How Do We Open Up Our Relationship?

When one partner is bisexual, its common to desire an open relationship in one way or another.

Question via Tumblr:

Hey Kelsey, we’ve listened to your cast for a few months now and really enjoy the perspective you bring to sex and relationships. Now the question: where do we go from here? The “here” being our relationship. My wife of 22 years is highly probably bi. We have a great sex life, full of communication and fun. She is rather disturbed by the possibility of being bi as she has to date not had a girl /girl play date. I believe I would be all for a 3 way with another female.

I believe I’d be ok with her having a female fwb even if I wasn’t involved. Naturally I would like to be involved, either participate, watch, see pix or at min hear abt the encounters. She (and I to be truthful) fear that opening our relationship this much is courting disaster. We have 5 kids and a fantastic life and dont want to destroy it. We are somewhat kinky and think this would super fun. Added problem. I found a female who is 10 years older than us I think would be perfect.

The female in question has been a friend of ours for many years. The lady works with me. She and I have talked about it and Im reasonably sure she is up for it if the situation were to be constructed properly. So, is the co worker a bad plan? Is the whole thing a bad plan?

Its normal to be nervous and scared to take a new step in your relationship, especially opening up to a third party. However since its your wife’s desires that are in question here, she needs to be the one initiating the action. You can encourage her, but you cannot take that step for her. It may be hard for you to be in her shoes, since obviously you know you like women. Why WOULDN’T she want to have a pussy in her face?

But exploring the same gender can take some easing in. Girl-girl sex is a whole new ball game (well, a no-ball-game) from sex with a guy. Its like losing one’s virginity all over again, learning what to do with a woman’s body, and most of all – getting comfortable with feeling and acting on those same-sex desires.

Whenever it comes to opening up a ‘straight’ relationship, I always suggest the woman take the lead. She needs to find someone SHE is comfortable with.

I’d definitely stay away from your co-worker, at least to start. Its better to begin with someone neutral or a friend/acquaintance of hers. The co-worker is primarily YOUR friend. You see her every day and your wife does not. Were you to participate, watch, or even just hear about their exploits, its building your attraction to your co-worker. Then because you’re with her far more than your wife — its an uneven situation. Far more potential for jealousy (on your wife’s part) and you to develop feelings for your co-worker (and potential to ACT on those feelings without your wife) that could jeopardize your marriage.

It sounds like you’re a super supportive husband, which is awesome because (believe it or not) some guys are threatened by a woman’s bisexuality. But it seems like you’re getting ahead of yourself. I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with Terry picking out a woman for us to play with, and that’s pretty common. I’ve encountered many couples new to swinging & open relationships where the guy is pushing for the situation and the woman isn’t ready. It never works out well. I’d suggest letting your wife explore on her own first, on her own time – whether its in the next few weeks, months, or even years. Then allow her to invite you into that part of her sexuality when she’s ready.

Both of you can check out the book The Ethical Slut – I read this when I started exploring my bisexuality and desire for open relationships, found it very helpful. I’ve also heard Opening Up by Tristan Taormino is good but I haven’t read it myself.

Edited: April 22nd, 2013

Does Your Lube Increase Your Likelihood of Catching an STD?

How does your favorite lube measure up?

Like many personal care products, most commercial lubes are filled with chemicals I wouldn’t rub on my external parts, let alone INSIDE my body. Not since researching phathalates, parabens, etc. But I didn’t know that some lubes make STD transmission MORE likely!

Since there are safer alternatives out there, why choose wetness over safety? I love organic coconut oil, but its not good if you’re using condoms. Sometimes I like a thicker lube, especially if I’m using sex toys, so I go for Good Clean Love, which is 95% organic and happens to be the safest lube they studied!

Its my favorite lube I’ve ever used, but if you have any suggestions for natural/organic lubes – leave a comment!

Edited: April 18th, 2013

Bras Make Breasts “Saggier”, 15-year French Study Reveals

I hate bras! Now I have a scientific reason not to wear them:

“Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity,” said Rouillon. “On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

But if you like bras, keep wearing them. Do whatever makes your boobies happy.

Edited: April 16th, 2013

I’m a Guy Who Likes Transsexuals: Am I Bisexual?

Does liking transsexuals make one bisexual?

Question via Tumblr:

When I lived in Florida I had some fun with a few black transsexuals. They were Beautiful and had huge thick cocks. I really enjoyed it. I had always been with girls before. Does this mean I might be Bisexual? I haven’t had any cock in almost 7 years.

If you “haven’t had any cock in almost 7 years” it implies you’ve been with transsexuals or guys before. Though you also say you’ve only been with girls, so which is it? Either way, you obviously enjoy penises. Cool. If you’d rather the body look like a guy, then maybe you’re bisexual. If you’d rather the body its attached to look like a woman, then you have some ‘orientation’ toward transsexuals. We don’t have a term for that in American culture. While its not the ‘traditional’ meaning, you can use bisexual if you want. And if you don’t care whether the penis is on a man’s or a woman’s body – then perhaps that’s the truest bisexual that’s out there!

But does the label really matter? These are just terms scientists have used to describe variations in sexual behavior that have permeated popular culture. It doesn’t mean anything absolute about your sexuality, since people’s preferences can change throughout their life, in certain situations and with different people. Liking dick on a transsexual doesn’t necessarily mean you want guys, but if you do – go for it. Just enjoy whatever turns you on and don’t worry about what to call yourself. Its much more fun to fuck than worry about what social box you fit into you.

Edited: April 12th, 2013