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Is BDSM Healthy?

A new study says yes!

And I agree. I believe its important for us to experience our desires in some way, so long as everyone involved is enjoying themselves. Even if those desires are a little weird, dark or dirty.

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Edited: August 21st, 2013

Penis Size Worries: Can I Have Sex With a Small Penis?

Like women are stereotypically concerned about being fat, men are worried about penis size.

Its okay. We’re all insecure about something, sometimes. So what are the options with a smaller penis?

Question via Tumblr:
I watched your video about penis size and I appreciate you making it, but I was just wondering what are the smaller guys to do. I understand that we can buy extenders and toys to use, but if I have to put a piece of silicone over my penis to have sex, am I really having sex? Am I doomed to have a non-penetrative sex life without the use of toys and contraptions? I’m sorry just the thought of it really scares me. (thanks for your time Kelsey)

That’s between you and your partner. You don’t have to do anything to ‘extend’ your penis size, nor may your partner even care. Guys put WAY too much emphasis on size. But if your partner doesn’t like it – get a new one. Just like if a guy didn’t like my small boobs – he’d be welcome to go find someone with big ones, if that’s what he really wanted. You can’t be everything to everyone. Just be you, as they say, everyone else is already taken anyway.

On your end, just realize that if it is small, she may enjoy the physical feeling of something larger – which has nothing to do with YOU, just a physical sensation. Just like you may enjoy how fucking her ass feels because its tighter, for example, but it doesn’t mean you don’t like her pussy, her mouth, or her personality. Its an enjoyable sensation. If she likes that feeling, just be willing to explore how she could have that sensation with you, whether it comes from your penis or not.

It doesn’t mean you’ll NEVER have intercourse, it just means to be open to exploring anything that feels good for BOTH of you. Which is something I’d say to anyone no matter how big or small their parts are. Intercourse can be great, but everyone has their own tastes.

For instance, using toys on her for ‘foreplay’ or to help her have an orgasm, then finishing up with intercourse. Or having oral for her and intercoruse for you. Or intercourse then using toys after. Or intercourse one day and something else the next. The possibilities are endless, and she may even have desires that have nothing to do with penis size (spanking, BDSM, roleplay, etc.). Just keep an open mind.

Edited: August 9th, 2013

I AM pretentious…

Question via Tumblr:
So do you just pretentious to be into smelling farts?

Pretentious and smelling farts don’t typically belong in the same sentence. Unless there’s some high class fancy farts out there on Rodeo Drive, but those are out of my shooting budget at this time.

I’m gonna assume you mean ‘pretending.’

You may have noticed – I perform a LOT of different fetishes on my website. If they were all my personal fantasies, I’d be one of the most sexually eclectic people in existence. I make fetish porn because its fun, allows me to explore sexuality, and have sexual experiences I wouldn’t otherwise.

Here’s a smattering of what I am personally into:

- Oral sex

- Anal sex

- Vaginal sex

- Masturbating

- Trying new things

- Roleplaying

- Humor & laughter

- Power exchange

- Body worship

- Doing socially unacceptable things

Anything I do on camera involves at least one or more of the above - because my enjoyment is my priority. Which makes for good videos.

The scenarios I do on camera come from a mix of fan requests, previous clips that have been popular, and my dirty mind. Sometimes the scenario is a more erotic one, where we’re both enjoying the smell/taste. Other times I play the dom or the sub. Sometimes its downright funny, though my fans prefer I not laugh so much (which is really hard at times).

If you’re interested in my feelings on the subject, you can also check out these blogs:

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Edited: August 5th, 2013

Am I Bisexual?

What does it mean to be bisexual?

Question via Tumblr:

What would you call someone who is attracted to the penis itself, but not so much the owner of that penis. I can get off to other cocks, especially the big, chunky cocks, but I guess I’m not too interested in the guys identity. He is an object or a god, but never just a dude I want to love, unless maybe he is very transsexual. Would I still fall into some sort of bisexual category?

You and I are the opposite, then… I don’t care so much about the penis except when its attached to someone I really like. lol.

There is no inherent ‘bisexual category,’ merely labels we use to describe ourselves more easily. Bisexuality is quite diverse… its rare someone is 50/50 attracted to men and women in the same way. Some prefer one for sex, the other for love, one for fantasy, the other for reality, or some mix of both. And it can change throughout life, depending who is around, etc.

It sounds to me like dicks turn you on. Cool for you. If you’re not planning on dating one, then I personally wouldn’t call you bisexual, but that’s my interpretation. Other people might. Tons of girls are ‘open’ to women but its not their main thing… they usually don’t call themselves bi. I’ve heard ‘heteroflexible,’ ‘mostly straight,’ or ‘straight but curious.’ Its just a label, it doesn’t really mean anything about who you are as a human being. So just enjoy whatever penises come your way.

Edited: August 2nd, 2013

See, Love & Fetishes CAN Mix

One Paragraph Memories:

At 26, I started working for a rich, powerful, married CEO. My position required a lot of travel with him, so the majority of our sex was inside lavish hotel rooms. Early on, he told me to pull on his dick really hard and tell him it was small and ugly. Soon, he asked that I call him a slut and a whore. His favorite was when I teased that he got his period and was a bad, bad girl (this, followed by tampons inserted into his ass). We’d meet in an office bathroom so that he could “clean” my vagina. He loved the degradation of licking me front to back, as if he were the toilet paper. He’d have me meet him in crowded elevators to hand off my dirty panties—the dirtier the better; he’d beg that I pee a little in them. Then he’d wear them while giving interviews and presentations. I fell deeply in love with him and have never been quite the same since.

(Not that I’d advocate doing someone married… but the rest of the story is cute.)

Edited: August 1st, 2013