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What Does a Fantasy Mean?

Sometimes two people look at the same fantasy in different ways…

One night we decided to play with my butt.

But(t) instead, things got awkward. We got part way into it, and stopped.

Later, we realized we were coming at the same act from two different places. He wanted to share a ‘dirty’ experience. I wanted to be submissive and ‘made’ to do it.

Sometimes we’re totally on the same page. Other times, it might look like we are – but we’re really not. The only way to know is to communicate, so hear more about my awkward night and what I learned about making sex good.

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Edited: January 29th, 2014

What’s Anal Like For Her?

Yay! My first post in a couple weeks. Well, I recorded a bunch of podcasts to post while I was away at the Adult Entertainment Expo. But due to some technical difficulties they’re just going up now.


So today hear all about anal sex from the world’s biggest porn star’s perspective: Jenna Jameson. According to her autobiography, she never had anal sex on camera – but DID do it in her personal life.

I recently finished her new erotic novel, Sugar, whose main character is a former porn star and is (obviously) based on Jenna’s personal experiences.

In the book is a great scene where she has anal sex with the guy she’s seeing for the first time. In this podcast we have a bit of story time, I read part of the passage with you and share what anal is really like for some women, like Jenna (and me!).

If you want to put your dick (or fingers, or toys, or whatever) into a chick’s butt for fun, you’ll probably get a lot farther if you can relate!

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Edited: January 22nd, 2014

Is It Any Wonder What Makes Women Sexually Tick is Such a Mystery?

Um. No.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We’ve put human beings into space. Its possible to transplant an organ from one human being into another, and for the recipient to live a long healthy life. And somebody invented Krispy Kreme devil’s food chocolate cake donuts. All important contributions to history (well, Columbus is debatable but I probably wouldn’t be here if he didn’t).

But we didn’t know the full structure of the clitoris really is until 1998. Seriously:

Though the internal clitoris was illustrated by G.O. Kobelt all the way back in 1844 and additionally detailed by Dr. R.L. Dickinson in 1949, it was not until 1998—yes, 1998—that Helen O’Connell, an Australian urologist, became the first modern-day doctor to really explore and describe the hidden, internal structure of the clitoris. Few really took note of their work, and even today most anatomy textbooks do not fully illustrate the clitoris in its entirety. As someone who learned about intercourse from the encyclopedia at age 10, this is horrible news to me.

Clitoris: more than meets the eye.

So if anyone has trouble understanding what women want (including women), we can’t really be surprised.

Edited: January 10th, 2014

Kicking Him in the Balls… Out of Love, Like and Lust

I feel like I tell men over and over that its unlikely you’ll find a partner (particularly a female one) whose sexual desires perfectly mirror yours.  Especially guys who have fetishes.  Many times I’ve written & talked about how feminine women are often more interested in the context of an erotic encounter than the particular content (though we do care about that too!).  Meaning: a woman might not care about your fetish or fantasy in general… but she may be open to try it, and even learn to like it – with YOU.  Someone she cares about. In a happy relationship.

Now Mistress T may not be your typical woman, a dominatrix who abuses and humiliates men on camera and off.  But she echoes the same sentiment in her blog on a guy she’s been seeing and filming with that’s into ball busting.  i.e., getting kicked, punched, and generally abused in the testicular region:

…our relationship might be a little unusual. I never thought that I would actually find ball busting arousing. I do: with him. We go out dancing at fetish parties. I kick him in the balls & he gets hard. It turns me on & we make out. The way he reacts when I abuse his balls is so fucking sexy, so passionate. He loves it & surrenders to it beautifully. He also loves my feet & worships them during sex which sends me over the moon. My feet are certainly an erogenous zone.

Who says fetish can’t be romantic?

Edited: January 7th, 2014

Turned On By That Time of the Month?

Question via Tumblr: Ever come across a guy who is into periods and maxi pads?

Online, yes. I’ve made a few videos on the topic based on fan suggestions:

Taboo – Jerk Off Instruction Brother Caught Masturbating With Used Pads & Tampons

Pussy Worship – Menstruation Worship

Sex Ed – POV Stepmother Period Lesson

Sex Ed – Menstruation Lesson

None of them show any menstrual blood though, because its against clips4sale & pretty much every payment processor’s terms of service. Which I think is ridiculous. Its perfectly okay to sell gang bangs & bukkake, but seeing a woman’s period? Why that’s obscene. The few sites that cater to it, as far as I know, are foreign.

I think the idea is really hot, because like most every other woman in the US, I grew up believing that my period was the grossest most disgusting thing about being a woman. For someone to be sexually aroused by it is arousing to me. My husband isn’t INTO it per se, but he’s gone down on me while on my period without a tampon in a few times (when it wasn’t too heavy) and I really like it. I’ll have sex on my period, just not when its too messy.

Edited: January 6th, 2014