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I’m a big fan of erotica, especially ultra-kinky stories.  Its writing.  Its not explicitly hurting anyone.  Even the most sick and twisted stories are just that — stories.


Below are a couple of free erotica sites I’ve enjoyed.  I’ve found content on these I haven’t found anywhere else… and probably would never find in a published book.  Warning: There’s everything on these sites from BDSM and swingers stories to paranormal and sci fi fantasy, to incest, rape, and bestiality.  Remember, these are stories, products of the mind.  There’s a huge difference between fantasy and reality.  I may have rape fantasies, but no way in hell do I want to be actually raped.  As long as you understand the distinction, have at it.


A word of caution — these are user-submitted stories that vary in quality.  If you’re not satisfied with what you find, why not try writing your own?

Alt Sex Stories Repository:


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