How to Eat Pussy: Pussy Licking as Foreplay OR as Her Main Event?

Part of learning how to eat pussy is understanding what it means to her


I don’t know any woman who dislikes cunnilingus, though I’m sure she exists somewhere. While oral sex will get many women off – far more than penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse – don’t assume that’s what she prefers.

For the last several months, I’ve been filming myself and other beautiful girls licking pussy. We talk with the receiver about what she enjoys and follow her instruction to bring her to an amazing orgasm (or two, or three…).

Here’s a secret: I’ve only orgasmed from oral sex twice. I love oral sex, and I’d love to orgasm from it more. Emotional issues and the way I’m used to orgasming from masturbation has made it, let’s say, a challenge for oral to be IT for me. In creating my pussy licking videos, I picked up a major how to eat pussy lesson: cunnilingus doesn’t have to be my main course to enjoy it.

Kartier Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

Kartier Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

Some women like it as ‘foreplay’ to what really brings them to female orgasm. Black lesbian Kartier, for instance, LOVES oral sex but enjoys other acts too. She was very vocal about her preferences, and when we shot her scene we started with pussy licking, then moved on to fingering – leading her to squirting, and making her female orgasm by rubbing her clit with my very wet finger tip.

Summer Bailey, on the other hand, gets off from cunnilingus quickly and easily. Another woman who knows what she likes, Summer gave me explicit instruction and I had her legs clenched around my face in orgasm in less than 3 minutes!

Summer Bailey Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

Summer Bailey Teaches Me How to Eat Pussy

The moral of the story is: Don’t assume you know what she wants. Part of knowing how to eat pussy is understanding what role it plays in her arousal and pleasure. It could simply be a turn on, where she prefers to orgasm with a vibrator, hand, or something else. It could be her main squeeze. How will you know how to eat HER pussy? Ask, and if she doesn’t know, have fun helping her learn about her body!

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hi i try the technique on my gf she lost control and cum 5 times.

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