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Fetish Problems: My Girlfriend Farts On Me But it is Inconsistent or Rare…

Question via Tumblr: Hello Kelsey, I have a deep fart fetish involving being forced to inhale farts. It’s on top of my desires as I am a submissive male. My girlfriend farts on me but it is inconsistent or rare. Do you have any suggestions on how to help this? Thank you:)

Talk more to your girlfriend about both your wants and needs when it comes to sex. That’s literally the only way you two will ever be sexually happy.

But first, realize this -

The thing with farting – and many other body worship / body odor / body function fetishes – is that the person was (typically) originally programmed that the act is dirty, disgusting, rude, etc. We’ve largely been conditioned that our bodies are gross and to take as many steps to shield people around us from coming into contact with our own grossness. Think about it – by the time you are dressed and ready for work in the morning – you’ve coated yourself in the scent of your soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, cologne (if you wear it), deodorant, and the smell in your laundry detergent. You smell like a random array of artificial flowers and musk and mountain sunshine, not like a human being. For women, its about 10 times more, with our body sprays and scented lotions and scented tampons. The message we get from an early age is: the natural human body is nasty and should be avoided at all costs. Especially the female body (hello, periods).

I’ve noticed this when I direct our fart fetish videos in particular, that while the viewer is getting off on the smell of their farts, its important that the model feel comfortable doing something she was originally taught was gross. Its a transition that slowly happens from when a model first walks in often feeling anxious and worried about what the shoot will be like, whether she’s going to push too hard and have an accident, whether we’ll judge her, whether it’ll smell too bad, etc – to by the end of the day she’s walking around farting and giggling and talking about it like its no big deal.

So just because you’ve shared your fetish or fantasy doesn’t mean the person is going to be automatically comfortable with it. Your partner has their own feelings about it that have nothing to do with you, directly, that bleed over into their interactions with you. If they’re uncomfortable in some way it doesn’t mean its a hard no, but it means you both need to talk about how you feel. And from there, you can find solutions that work for you both. Just recognize for something taboo, kinky or just plain different from what your partner has previously experienced or desired – it may take some time for them to become comfortable.

If she’s willing to do it sometimes, it means she’s open, at least to some degree. I think you’ll be most effective if you initiate a conversation about what you love about what you DO do, and how you two can have the happiest sex life possible together. And part of that would involve more of your fetishes, but for all you know, she’s got her own ideas of what she’d like. Talking about how you BOTH can be happy and acknowledging what IS working will be much more effective than complaining about what she’s not doing.

Also check out this post and under Fetishes and Communication – there’s a ton more practical advice. Good luck :)

Edited: November 2nd, 2014

Are Guys Into Fetishes Pathetic?

I got this interesting question in my email…

I was wondering if you think guys who are into fart fetish are worthy or if you think they’re pathetic? Like it’s a pretty degrading act but its sexy I don’t know why i love it.

Here’s my basic answer: its not WHAT you’re into, but HOW you handle it. A guy into totally “normal” sex can be pathetic. A guy into crazy fetishes can be cool. And vice versa.

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Edited: September 19th, 2013

I AM pretentious…

Question via Tumblr:
So do you just pretentious to be into smelling farts?

Pretentious and smelling farts don’t typically belong in the same sentence. Unless there’s some high class fancy farts out there on Rodeo Drive, but those are out of my shooting budget at this time.

I’m gonna assume you mean ‘pretending.’

You may have noticed – I perform a LOT of different fetishes on my website. If they were all my personal fantasies, I’d be one of the most sexually eclectic people in existence. I make fetish porn because its fun, allows me to explore sexuality, and have sexual experiences I wouldn’t otherwise.

Here’s a smattering of what I am personally into:

- Oral sex

- Anal sex

- Vaginal sex

- Masturbating

- Trying new things

- Roleplaying

- Humor & laughter

- Power exchange

- Body worship

- Doing socially unacceptable things

Anything I do on camera involves at least one or more of the above - because my enjoyment is my priority. Which makes for good videos.

The scenarios I do on camera come from a mix of fan requests, previous clips that have been popular, and my dirty mind. Sometimes the scenario is a more erotic one, where we’re both enjoying the smell/taste. Other times I play the dom or the sub. Sometimes its downright funny, though my fans prefer I not laugh so much (which is really hard at times).

If you’re interested in my feelings on the subject, you can also check out these blogs:

Mind Over Matter: Making Your Fetish into Mine, or What its Like to Star in Fetish + Fart Porn

My Life is Ridiculous: The Beautiful Simplicity of Fetish and Fart Porn

Why the Hell Do People Like Fart Porn? What Body Function Fetishes Say About Western Culture

Edited: August 5th, 2013

My Friends Think I’m Gross

Whatever floats your boat… may not float mine, or his, or hers. But that’s okay.

Question via Tumblr:
My friend knows about my habit, that’s watching farting girl videos… When all my friends know about that, my friends get away from me, they think I’m gross, dirty… What I must do? I can’t stop this habit, cause it’s my natural instinct….

Then don’t tell your friends. You don’t need to share your masturbation habits with friends if they will judge. They probably have their own perverted masturbation fantasies. & there’s nothing wrong with that!

In my opinion, it IS best if you can share your fantasies with your romantic partner (if you have one, or in the future). They’re the ones who clearly want to have sex with you, so its in their interest to know what turns you on! Of course, not everyone will be okay with EVERY fantasy so it depends how important it is to you, to share that part of your life with someone. I think we’re happiest when we can be ourselves – why else find a partner?

Edited: July 21st, 2013

Why Are People Turned On By Girls Farting?

What’s so sexy about girls farting?

Question via Tumblr:

I don’t know. You’re the only one who can really answer this question.

From what I’ve been told, some aspects fart fetishists enjoy include:

- Its dirty & kinky.

- Its taboo.

- Its voyeuristic.

- Its about the contrast between a woman’s beauty and the not-so-pretty functions of her body.

- It means she may have to poop.

- The smell or taste.

- Its a form of body worship and being submissive.

- The appearance of the asshole as it expands & contracts.

- Its intimate because she doesn’t do it in public.

You may like any of these elements, or be turned on by something else entirely. While there are certainly similarities across fetishists, everyone’s got their own particular taste.

Edited: July 16th, 2013

How to Bring Fetish Into Your Sex Life

You may enjoy a sexual fetish on your own, but how do you bring it to life with your partner?

Hear the answer to this question in my interview with Dr. Fran of I interviewed Dr. Fran several weeks ago about her experience going from Roman Catholic nun to sex therapist. Dr. Fran invited me onto her podcast to share all about fetish, how I became a fetish porn star, and how couples can explore their fantasies and fetishes together.

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Edited: December 29th, 2012

If Someone Has a Sexual Fetish Does That Make Them a Creep?

Several times in my “career” as a fetish model, I’ve encountered the “fetishists are creepy” stereotype.

Many people believe that if someone is aroused by, say, farts, they must be a complete weirdo in all aspects of life. They must be “that guy” (always a guy) who calls random people in the phone book and just breathes heavily into the phone, the guy who walks around in a trenchcoat waiting to flash young girls, who’s caught masturbating in the public library. Or worse, I’ve heard fetish is “serial killer shit” – that only someone crazy enough to murder people could possibly get off on (insert weird fetish of your choice).

Sure, there are weirdos. I get emails and tweets from them. But far more often, they’re neutral – neither nice nor mean, polite nor rude. And its not uncommon for them to be kind, intelligent guys who I could surely enjoy a cup of coffee with if I’d met them at a job or school.

Its not WHAT a person is into that makes them a creepazoid or not. Its how they handle it.

Consider a breast fetish. Most people wouldn’t say they have a FETISH for breasts because in our society breasts are seen a sexual. But a guy jerking off to a video of bouncing boobs is no different from the dude who masturbates to videos of women’s feet. Its sexualizing a specific part of the body, also known as “partialism” among psychologists. No different from the ladies who can’t get enough of The Situation’s “situation” (Lord knows his sparkling personality can’t be carrying all those girls back to the Jersey Shore house). Social convention leads us to label the same sort of act in different ways.

Our fellow with a boob fetish could express it in “normal” ways. Admiring photos and videos of breasts, licking or sucking on their partner’s tits, even fucking and ejaculating on them. He also could express it in a creepy way, by grabbing random women’s breasts in public. By refusing to make eye contact with a female, and rather stare her in the chest. By murdering women so he could cut their breasts off and save them as a souvenir.

In my experience, I get about as many tweets, comments and emails from guys being weird about “normal” sex as I do fetishes. Who somehow assume I’m putting naked photos and videos of myself on the internet because I want to fuck THEM. Who send me their phone number (expecting I’ll call???). Who send me a picture of their dick like I should be impressed (I’m not).

Guys can get really creepy, but its not categorical – its attitudinal.

Edited: May 30th, 2012

My Life is Ridiculous: The Beautiful Simplicity of Fetish and Fart Porn

I find it completely absurd that I make my living by farting, burping, stomping on little toy men, and sticking things in my butt. Fart porn is my biggest seller.

These fetishes are nothing more than doing the opposite of what we “should” or “shouldn’t”. Women shouldn’t burp or fart; its not ladylike. Men should be taller than women, men should be bigger and stronger than women, women should be sugar and spice and everything nice. You should be fucking the pussy, not the ecoli ridden out-door (let ALONE licking or smelling it!). Etc. Etc. Etc.

Many women consciously worry about farting around their boyfriends. I did. I learned how to hold it in so I wouldn’t make a sound. I know others who did too. Maybe we were nuts, but I felt so embarrassed by my living, breathing body. It was always a relief when it came time in a relationship when I felt I could stop pretending. Crazy or not, its refreshing to be comfortable, be real, and still beautiful to the person I love.

My life is currently a ridiculous experiment: How can I use my sexual energy to express this fetish or that? It stretches my erotic imagination. If you watch my early videos of any fetish, I don’t usually understand it. I’m just doing it mechanically, or how I think it might be, and am pretty insecure about it. As I get more requests and thank-you’s, I start getting the feel of the fetish. I begin to understand what its all about. I don’t know if I’m the world’s greatest fart porn model (there are more than you’d think!), but I have some diehard fans out there. (Hilarious.) Farting and ass fetishes are my most popular videos, and I’ve managed to ‘get’ them fairly well. And I can get turned on by the ass fetish myself sometimes. The fart fetish, not usually, but in the right context – in a submissive, ‘against my will’ setting – I can appreciate it for myself.

Its bizarre in its lack of social grace, yet its almost beautifully simple. It hearkens back to that childlike awe, imagination, and humor the schools tried to beat out of us through mind numbing standardized tests. It certainly takes creativity to see the disgusting as sexy, or to act aroused by a tiny toy figurine.

And by all means, its the safest of sex. No one’s ever caught an STD from a fart.

Edited: March 16th, 2012

Why the Hell Do People Like Fart Porn? What Body Function Fetishes Say About Western Culture

As a producer of fetish video, particularly fart porn, I’m often asked: What’s the appeal? Where do these body function fetishes, like fart fetish, sneeze fetish, burping, pissing and shitting come from?

There are specifics to each fetish, but the bottom line is the same: its a blatant display of behaviors we all do but keep private. And there’s something sexy about seeing women (or men) transgress these norms, lose physical control in “public,” and be, well, disgusting.

We can’t know whether these fetishes existed in different times and in different cultures, but its reasonable to theorize that they’re specific to Western culture. In a chapter on what makes Hustler magazine so popular, Laura Kipnis writes about disgust and the human body:

What we consider gross and disgusting is hardly some permanent facet of the human psyche: it’s historically specific and relatively recent. According to social historian Norbert Elias, disgust only fully emerges in the course of the sixteenth century rise of individualism, during which time we see the invention of the concept of privacy as well: our various requirements about closed (and locked) bathroom doors, our own plates to eat from, and delicacy around sexual and bodily matters are all aspects of this same process. Disgust is something precariously acquired in the course of the civilizing process (and a process that has to be recapitualized in the socialization of each individual modern child). During this social transformation, once communal activities – sleeping, sex, elimination, eating – becomes subject to new sets of rules of conduct and privatization. An increasingly heightened sense of disgust at the bodies and bodily functions of others emerged, and simultaneous with this process of privatization came a corresponding sense of shame about one’s own body and its functions. Certain once-common behaviors become socially frowned upon: spitting, scratching, farting, wiping your mouth on the tablecloth, or blowing your nose into your sleeve were replaced by increasingly detailed rules devoted to restraining the conduct of the body (and even how it might be spoken of) in public.

Historically speaking, manners have a complicated history as a mechanism of class distinction, that is, of separating the high from the low. Implements we now take for granted, like the fork and the handkerchief, were initially seen as upper-class affectations (you both blew your nose into and ate with your hands, and from communal dishes). Only gradually did they filter down through the social hierarchy…

As far more attention came to be paid to proprieties around elimination, to hygiene, to bodily odors, and to not offending others, thresholds of sensitivity and refinement in the individual psyche became correspondingly heightened. It wasn’t just behavior being reformed, it was the entire structure of the psyche, with the most shameful and prohibited behaviors and impulses (those around sex and elimination) propelled into the realm of the unconscious. The split, which Freud would later describe with the terms “ego” and “id,” is what would become the very substance of the modern individual. And the experience of disgust at what was once an ordinary part of daily life has become so completely part of our “nature” that defiance of bodily proprieties can result in actual physical revulsion. When we say of something disgusting “It made me sick,” this can be a physical fact, revealing just how deeply these codes have become embedded in who we are. And how threatening to our very beings transgressions of manners can be…

The power of grossness is very simply its opposition to high culture and official culture, which feels the continual need to protect itself against the debasements of the low (the lower classes, low culture, the lower body…)…

As Norbert Elias puts it, “People…seek to suppress in themselves every characteristic they feel to be animal.”

What’s so shocking about body function fetishes, like fart fetish, is that they’re appealing in part because of this sense of disgust. In a culture where bodily functions are kept private, farts become a hidden – often shameful – fantasy.

Shameless plug – a fantasy that can be fulfilled here and here.

Edited: March 13th, 2012

Question From a Fart Porn Fan: How Common is the Girl Fart Fetish?

A recent email from a girl fart porn fan:

I have a question that only people in the business might be able to answer. About how many people out there would you say have a fart fetish based on sales? I am not interested in how much money you are making so I don’t need an exact figure, just need to get an idea of how many people. I am guessing based on observations that the fetish might not be that rare.

So would you say.

a) under 10,000 people.

b) 10,000 – 100,000

c) 100,000 – 1 million.

d) Over 1 million.

Also, which fetish is the most popular based on volume of sales?

How many fart porn fans exist?

Here was my response:

I’d love to know the answer to your question, but I have NO idea…though I’d guess its AT LEAST 10,000….there is very little known about fetishes in general, but especially not large estimates.

I can tell you that I mostly do fart fetish videos because its what sells. If it was feet, I’d do feet. I don’t know how many different customers I have because I don’t get that info (for their privacy). I do believe other fetishes are more common, particularly foot fetishes. To get a good idea of the most common fetishes on , just look at their top stores. But keep in mind there are plenty of fetishists who don’t frequent that site, so the top fetishes on clips4sale aren’t representative of ALL fetishists. Finally, people’s sexual desires are constantly evolving, so the more popular a fetish becomes, it may draw in people who wouldn’t have otherwise thought of it – the growth may be exponential. Thus, the number of fetishists may always be changing as well.

Edited: January 4th, 2012