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From Nun to Sex Therapist – Interview With Dr. Fran Fisher

Dr. Fran of became a nun at age 18, left the convent and later became a sex therapist in her 40s.

Dr. Fran shares her fascinating story and her book In the Name of God, Why? Ex-Catholic Nuns Speak Out About Sexual Repression, Abuse & Ultimate Liberation. We discuss the impact of religion on sexuality and how she and other ex-nuns let go of their shame to learn to enjoy their bodies and newfound sex lives. If a former nun can scream “I love oral sex!” — whatever your sexual challenge, there’s hope for you yet.

Dr. Fran offers sex therapy to individuals and couples, both in person and via Skype.

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Edited: November 26th, 2012

Sex Tips From a Porn Star?

sex tips

What does porn star Joanna Angel think about giving sex tips?

Reflecting on an Exxotica panel, Joanna Angel writes about audience members asking her for sex tips:

“To be honest, I don’t think of myself as any kind of sexual expert. I feel like I do the same thing everyone does in their personal lives, but I just do it on camera for everyone to see.”
On the one hand, she’s right. Tons of Americans are having kinky dirty sex behind closed doors, and nobody knows.

On the other hand, she’s wrong. Tons of Americans are also having boring, unpleasant, dissociative, even painful sex – if they’re having sex at all.

How do I know? I fall into both camps. What about you?

She probably has more enjoyable sex than I do (judging from her multiple orgasms on video). Yet while I wouldn’t call myself a sex expert either, I do feel qualified to hand out sex tips…even while I’m growing into my own sexuality. To each her own.

Edited: December 6th, 2011